How Bitcoin, Digital Dollars, DeFi & Stable Coins Will Affect Brent Johnson's USD Milkshake Theory

How Bitcoin, Digital Dollars, DeFi & Stable Coins Will Affect Brent Johnson’s USD Milkshake Theory
Today I chat with Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital about all things related to the U.S. dollar (USD). We cover the temporary weakness of the USD; high demand for USD outside of the U.S.; quantitative easing (QE); how the Fed strengthened the corporate bond market without even buying massive amounts of bonds; USD swap lines; stablecoins; digital currencies; the upside potential of bitcoin (BTC) as an investment; & the battle between governments, banks & entrepreneurs to carve out a new monetary system. #Investing #Finance #Economics

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0:00 Temporary USD weakness & Brent’s hypothesis
4:35 Did the global economy need to be shut down in 2020?
8:05 The Australian dollar’s wild year
9:50 Why the world’s central banks prefer a weaker USD
13:45 Why the “eurodollar market is the key to it all”
18:20 Relationship between quantitative easing (QE) & inflation
20:55 How the Fed calmed the corporate bond market
25:40 How do USD swap lines work?
31:15 How do countries without USD swap lines access more USD funding?
33:50 Could digital currencies & stablecoins be an alternative to swap lines?
41:30 Central banks vs domestic banks vs governments vs decentralised digital exchanges
46:40 Modern monetary theory (MMT) & differences with reserves compared to digital currencies
49:40 Higher yields on cryptocurrency deposits & Bitcoin’s upside as an investment
55:15 Trending toward digital central bank coins

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