High Ticket Affiliate Marketing: how I made 13k in 30 days (WITH ZERO AD SPEND)

In this video, not only am I going to show what high ticket affiliate marketing is and how it works, but I’m also going to show what my main high ticket affiliate marketing program is and how I made over $13,000 with it in the last 30 days without spending a single dollar on ads! Enjoy 🙂

Program That Makes Me $1000 Affiliate Commissions:

My High Ticket YT Secrets Beta Program:

Summary of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing: how I made 13k in 30 days (WITH ZERO AD SPEND):

So, high ticket affiliate marketing – how does it work… and what even is it? First off, it’s apart of the affiliate marketing business model but you promote higher ticket programs. And if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, you just promote other people’s products/courses and everytime someone purchases through your special link (an affiliate link) you get a commission. It’s super powerful because you don’t have to deal with customer support, product costs, shipping, returns, etc.

But the problem most people have when they’re trying to figure out how to start high ticket affiliate marketing is trying to find a good program because there’s just so many high ticket affiliate programs out here. But the main issue is that most of those programs require you to do all of the selling on the high ticket products ($1,000-$3,000+) all by yourself, which is super hard to do without getting on the phone with them.

However, with the high ticket affiliate marketing program I promote (Legendary Marketer) they have a $7 15 day challenge as their front-end offer, so you can promote that instead of a $3,000 course. And the magic happens because Legendary does all of the heavy lifting for you. You literally just get people to buy that $7 challenge (which is super valuable in it of itself) and then Legendary has a specialized sales team that gets on the phone with all of your leads and does all of the high ticket selling for you… for FREE!

And my secret high ticket affiliate marketing strategy is quite simple… I don’t waste money on ads like all these “gurus” tell you that you need to – I just create free YouTube videos and get sales every single day on auto-pilot. Then, LM does all the high ticket sales for me and I get $1,000 commissions coming in so often these days, it’s insane! And as you can see, I made over $13,000 in the last 30 days with this one high ticket program with basically 100% profit margins!

So if you want to get started with my main high ticket affiliate marketing course, the $7 15 day challenge that Legendary Marketer has is where it all started for me…

And you can go here to get started today:

But if you’re interested in using YouTube as your main traffic method for high ticket affiliate marketing and you want me to hold your hand while I walk you through exactly how to do it and reveal all of my secrets that I’m currently using in my business today…

You can apply for my beta program here:

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