Herculist Plus Review / Results – Affiliate – MLM / Network Marketing Leads, Traffic, Signups, Sales

HercuList Plus Review / Results – Affiliate – MLM / Network Marketing Leads, Traffic, Signups, Sales. Join & get $5 sign-up bonus at (Use a separate Gmail address – not your main one)

Buy Gold or Lifetime membership… worth it! Gold members can email the 90,000+ members daily (“more often” with keys) – free members can only email 1000 members daily

One of the landing pages I use – .

HercuList Plus was a pleasant surprise for me as I am generating daily leads and also have made signups/sales for the network marketing (MLM) company I promote. It would work for many affiliate programs as well if you have good website lander pages to use. Not only is it a massively active safelist, it provides other advertising options to generate traffic for you. They have a buyers list of people buying memberships as well as advertising packages… they are willing to spend money to make money. Absolutely get the Gold membership instead of the free option (I wish I bought the Gold lifetime membership initially instead of annual but did do it later).

Advertising HercuList Plus results – currently getting about one lead per 6 regular/key mailings for the MLM bizop landing pages I use. So even if I only did one mailing per day – I’d generate 1 lead per week. I do more mailings per day mailing because of keys won thru prizes. I also generate occasional leads thru the HercuBlurb/PowerBlurb ad venue. NOTE – different landing pages/offers will produce better or worse results as far as number of leads you generate. I could see how 1-4 leads per mailing is possible on certain offers/landing page sites. My first sign-up sale within the first week alone generated here paid more than the cost of the Gold membership!

– Use a separate Gmail address and not your regular address
– Use 2 browser tabs to click on Mailer Credits/Prize & HercuBlurb surfing windows rotating constantly between tabs as there is 5 second counter. This maximizes credits you can earn efficiently. Every once in a while Hercublurb server is screwy & pages won’t load so switch to clicking on theZone ads instead. (I wouldn’t advise clicking on Mailer Credits/Prize, HercuBlurb & theZone pages at the same time anymore… I’ve had my account deactivated as they they “FALSELY” thought I was overloading their site but was just using all three of their ad clicking options at same time. I do click on theZone & Hercublurb ads at same time though when mailer credits aren’t available in my Gmail)
– Use keys won as prizes for solo ads mailing to the whole database (you can win multiple keys every day)
– Use credits earned to submit HercuBlurb PowerBlurbs
– Test out their Most Popular Ad Package ($20) which emails 22,000+ buyers list, Hercuslist, Mega-Mail & Smart-list multiple times (had 8-24 leads on ad package purchases I’ve tried so far)
– Test different headlines, ad copy & capture landing page sites for solo ad emails, Herculblurb/Powerblurb & theZone – keep track of results with adtracking
– Earn 50% affiliate program commissions if you bought a Gold membership

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