George Samman talks future of protocols, stablecoins and privacy coins

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  • Stably "Your bridge to the decentralized economy" StableUSD – Connecting wealth to the blockchain economy With Stably you can gain access to the decentralized economy without the volatility. StableUSD gives you the stability of US Dollars with the flexibility of the Ethereum and Stellar protocols.

    (Backed by USD) Every StableUSD token is fully backed and redeemable 1-to-1 for US dollars.

    (Multiple blockchains) Stably will be available on Ethereum and Stellar with support for other blockchains in the near future.

    (Verifiably Transparent) Real-time electronic bank data and third party audits allow you to verify that each StableUSD is backed by cash reserves.

    (No Fees) Stably charges zero fees for StableUSD issuance and redemption. However, third-party transit fees may still apply (e.g. bank wire fees, network transaction fees).

  • Amazing show! A must watch!

  • Great show guys. Detokenize? I think many projects are glad to go to zero. They got there capital they owe token holders nothing. And there about to send out there physical products that never depended on there native token. So to blame the market is the perfect get out of gaol free card.

  • Great job, guys! Solid update.

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