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  • I’m a longtime subscriber of Rachel’s and her critiques were very fair and not rude whatsoever. I’ve never watched gabby’s videos, but for some reason seem to hear about her shenanigans and I’m surprised she came after Rachel. Especially since she sent Rachel her newer book. I think she’s starting controversies to get people talking about her and her anger about the critiques are probably minor. And for someone who claims she bullied so much, she really came in hot with the name calling and insults.

  • We are all narcissistic abusers on this blessed day lol Gabbie is out of her mind atm

  • i dont like gabie already and she just proves herself to be a horrible person by coming after rachel… AND rachel is not even alone in reviewing her stuff

  • I'm really glad i found your channel because of this, i want to watch more of your videos, the one about cover design seems really interesting to me because I would like to because a designer and make book covers 🥰

  • Gabbie is out of line here. She can't handle any criticsm, Rachel did great videos about her poetry, even gave her advice how it could be better. Rachel is out of toxic relationship, so Gabbie is attacking her when she is already hurt. Its like kicking person while he is laying on the floor
    Gabbie is not good person, just remember Jessi Smiles situation.

  • I’d actually like to read Lauren’s book because it sounds like she has had an interesting life. I’ll be getting it from the library though. Understandable to be upset when someone doesn’t like your book, but that’s the chance you take when you put your work out in the world.

  • 3:03 "& on Friday we're going to shave our heads" Sold!! I don't know what's going on, but I'm intrigued…😂

  • It’s exactly like being a hairstylist.

    I can put my ALL into a haircut. However, I can’t be emotionally attached to how the client reacts, to the haircut.

    Simply because they may not like it — doesn’t solely imply it was a poorly done haircut.

    Simply because they may have some criticism, on various aspects, of said haircut — doesn’t solely imply it wasn’t quality.

    I’ve had people love work, of mine — I absolutely hated.

    I’ve had people hate work, of mine — I absolutely loved.

    Thankfully, I took cognitive behavioral therapy/leadership course (think Tony Robbins — whom I’m aware you’re not a fan of — on a smaller scale), back when I was 22. Absolutely saved my life — literally. As I have various stress/trauma-related mental “disorders,” as well as being (unknowingly, until only recently) autistic — while growing up in an incredibly narcissistic abusive household. I have been physically disabled, only until recently, because of the detrimental effects of long-term exposure to cortisol (symptoms began at the age of 6, though, I was misdiagnosed; until the events over these last 8yrs.)

    One of the exercises we did, was called “The Feedback Arc.” It’s incredibly intense and triggering. One hear’s a lot of things, about themselves and how they show up, they don’t want to hear.

    The point in such an exercise, is for One to learn how to take in and accept the criticism and feedback, they know to be true — and learn to let go of the rest, they know isn’t.

    Then, being willing to do what’s necessary, in order to shift such behaviors into a manner, in which will lead One to the success, they are working towards.

    Emotions can be powerful, in this type of industry — in all types of creative industries. I mean, is t that kinda the point? Lol

    However, One must have the emotional intelligence and willingness to learn how to think, on an effective level, to cultivate effective and successful business relationships — in order to develop sustainable success, in absolutely any field, One desires to succeed in.

    Even IF Rachael was acting in the manner, Gabbie has perceived — Gabbie is still acting INCREDIBLY unprofessional.

    If One is going to attempt to profit off of their art, well — learn to suck it up, buttercup.

  • (imho) Honestly, can only be 1 of 2 things…. Hopefully, just some attention-seeking stunt. As horrible as that would be, the alternative is that there's something really wrong w/ her at the moment & no one would want it to be that. Very unfair to Rachel regardless.. completely unwarranted insults & attacks out of nowhere, & all this time later?! Odd to say the least.

  • VERY VERY well stated, imho! Was sitting here watching & listening through a video… yet audibly being like, "YEYYYUSSSSSSSS, exactly!!!" at every single point made! 🙂 Watched Rachel's review(s) of & phew… tbh, had to be some of the most FAIR, unbiased, thoughtful, considerate, integral…. critiques I've ever seen on a book OR product! Gave cons… but also positives, criticism very constructive. She thought about it, you could tell…. NOT wanting to rip into anyone. Gabbie's response imho, WAY out of line. Thanks for sharing.. Stay safe & be well.

  • I like your explanation of reviews; good perspective! Labeling criticism as bullying happens frequently. Calling someone nasty names is actually bullying.. the irony!

  • Savy, have you heard of You can purchase audiobooks through them and select a small independent bookstore that they split the profits with! I just found out about it through my local bookstore but thought it was up your alley 😁👍 Also, great video!

  • “The permanent scapegoat of the internet..”

    Gabby, perhaps it’s because of your perspectives, behavior and actions, you receive the kind of feedback, in which, causes you to feel such a way.

    The idea the world is out to get One’s own self — is narcissistic, in it’s own self.

  • As a professional hairstylist — I absolutely love your curls, and the pastel colours, in your hair.

  • I'm a musician, I know nothing about poetry, but from my experience Gabby sounds like someone who has just learned about improvising, but hasn't learned about the conventions. Everyone starts out thinking it's a "do whatever you want" thing and others just doesn't understand your art, but as you mature and accept criticism you learn it's near impossible to improvise well without learning the rules in order to break the rules and communicate your ideas in interesting ways.

  • Gabbies upset she liked Trishas poetry better. 🤣

  • Among SAVY, Rachel, and Gabbie, wonder which one I’m not subscribed to? ☕️

  • Yes I’m so glad you know Rachel Oates! Love her

  • Gabbie Hanna… photography is a form of art. See in case you don't know this. I would think that you've just insulted every "fine art photographer" out there with your words.

    Oh and Rachel does AMAZING photography and my bucket list dream is to have at least one of her photos on a future book I'm working on. I just need to get Rachel to SEE my message to her on Facebook. 😉


  • the level of gabbie’s deflection is astounding. in all of her rants, she is perfectly describing HERSELF. narcissistic, unable to receive criticism, unable to stop, inserting herself in other people’s business

  • Genuinely I need a psychologist to explain to me what exactly seems to be going on with gh. It seems to go beyond trolling for attention and as if she actually wants people to hate her. I dont believe someone like gh (who actually studied psych) can use these words like abusive and narcissistic and not be self aware. They just dont fit rachel at all and anyone who has seen her video would know that her criticism was pretty kind. Im using gh btw because im worried talking about her is exactly what she wants and will only enable this further.

  • I’m not in the book world, but as an artist, yes criticism is a part of publishing- making your stuff public, and definitely when you’re selling. I think you and Rachel made it very clear the point of critiques. I related to that because it’s a part of the class in collage to get feedback and make it about other’s work. I learned so much about poetry from Rachel’s review! And whenever I tried to read reviews or criticism about visual art in magazines way back in school- I couldn’t understand the first sentence. They would just reference stuff I had never heard of and use the biggest words possible, it was “mind bottling”. I gave up/ put mine back in the bottle.

  • I personally also dislike the way most people reserve 5 star reviews only for super special books that blow their mind, because personally I feel like if you have nothing bad to say about a book at all, it should be 5 stars. I think that attitude of saving the 5 stars only for super special stuff means that books that aren't about those super deep topics won't ever be getting 5 star recognition. It's sort of the same issue as a lot of really fantastic movies never even being considered for an Oscar because they aren't "that type" of movie, if that makes sense.

    HOWEVER, what Lauren did was absolutely insane! I can't even fathom responding to a ONE star review like that, let alone a 4.5 star review! That was honestly shocking to see… idk what she was thinking, but hopefully she learned her lesson and thinks better next time, because she's going to have a really rough time in publishing if she gets that angry about a positive 4 star review.

  • Christ on a crutch. I think after this Jimmy owes Rachel an apology… what Gabbie did was just straight up harassment, bullying, and name calling, while accusing Rachel of those very things.

    Also, I paused and read some of the stuff Gabbie wrote. I noticed one of her comments was talking about 'neurotypical' reviewers criticizing her work. I know nothing about Gabbie, but it doesn't matter if an author is neurodivergent – neurotypical reviewers can still weigh in on the quality of their content. Besides that, when Gabbie was saying her work was about depression and such… Gabbie, Rachel struggles with mental health too, and has been fairly open about it. A book discussing mental health doesn't mean it's above criticism for its quality. I say this as someone with major clinical depression. Like, come on.

  • She really needs to stop hurling out all of these insults and psychological terms when she a) clearly doesn’t know & understand the definition of them and b) she’s not a licensed professional. I’m sick of her rampages. Enough is enough.

  • Thank you for talking about this.

  • This is gonna get a lot of views lol

  • Fucking loved you clarifying the difference between bullying and criticism, it's SO important. I feel like so many creators call any type of criticism "hate" or "bullying" or similar, and it's so not okay.

  • I can’t stand Gabbie, she constantly makes herself out to be a victim of “bullying” when she is the one going around and bullying everyone that had even a slightly negative thing to say about her. If you can’t take criticism don’t post shit on the internet.


    im not even a fan of hers, this is my first time hearing about her(to my knowledge) but MAN im happy for her.

  • Im really glad I found your channel, Im a independent conservative Christian so obviously my political and religious perspectives are different but I really think Savvy is a good person. she is the type of feminist I can(and am) be friends with because she does not come off as full of herself and puts others down because she does not like there opinion.

    Im verry happy to support you because you seem like a likable person, even when you say somthing I completely disagree with I try to just ignore it.

    You are helping me not to explode everytime I hear somthing I hate, I have a short temper sometines and I get passionate about things I like but 2021 is the year that I try to stop being devisive and become more accepting of others opinions even if I 100 lercenf disagree with it.

    I really want to thank you for showing me that not everyone who is a feminist is toxic(I come across a lot of toxic feminists, but even then I always said not all feminists are bad.) and that I truly would love to be your friend because you can disagree with people and STILL LIKE THEM.

    you are a fantastic lady and someone I jave an amazing amount of respect for you, thank you for always being happy and possitive my friend.

    take care and God bless, and may you always have sucsess in your life🤎

  • The sad thing is she keeps throwing out the narcissistic stuff. Rachel is not a narc and she in no way shape or form abused Gabbi. I would never read a book written by someone who acts that way.

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