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Freedom Breakthrough Review – Is It Worth It –

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I wanted to share with you this review on freedom breakthrough by Jonathan Montoya. I came across jonathan montoya a little over two months ago when you shared with me on how to use tik-tok to promote affiliate offers.

The valued in which jonathan montoya shared was the highest i seen on YouTube. So when i heard that jonathan montoya came out with freedom breakthrough i new the freedom breakthrough course would be one of the best affiliate marketing course in 2020 to help you build an brand online and make money using affiliate marketing.

If i were to make my own course. It would be everything inside freedom breakthrough that i would cover.

Jonathan Montoya Story:

Jonathan Montoya started out like many of his peers chasing the “American Dream”. He went to college to earn his degree in mechanical engineering and found a job upon graduation.

At that point he expected to work at his craft as an employee for the next forty years. He was earning $80,000 annually and had a baby on the way.

But his pursuit of the “good life” was interrupted by the arrival of his bank statement showing a negative balance of $1,229. This was his reality after four years of college and earning $80,000 a year.

He wanted something better for himself and his family. That’s when he discovered affiliate marketing.

He researched affiliate marketing companies and affiliate marketing courses. He studied the best affiliate marketing courses he could find and invested heavily in his new education.
But he also took action on what he’d learned. He took all the education he had gleaned from the affiliate marketing courses and followed through aggressively. Jonathan attributes taking action as a major reason for his success.

Within nine months of starting he was able to quit his job because his affiliate marketing business had earned him in excess of $100,000! He had gained his freedom:

Freedom from the 9 to 5 grind, freedom to spend time with his wife and baby daughter and freedom from worry about money.

What is Freedom Breakthrough?

Jonathan’s new course Freedom Breakthrough is the culmination of his nine months journey. It provides detailed training on the steps to success which he took. The course is laid out in individual modules which clearly explain each step in a manner that can be followed by the newest affiliate marketer beginner and still provide new tips and strategies for the most advanced veteran marketer.

The course instructs on those techniques that are working right now. Everything is for 2020 and beyond including an entire section on Tik Tok for affiliate marketing and how Jonathan was able to attract almost 80,000 subscribers as of this writing to his Tik Tok account.

What you will learn inside of Freedom Breakthrough:

Module 1: Picking the perfect affiliate niche
Module 2: Creating An Affiliate Website Asset
Module 3: Getting On The First Page Of Google
Module 4 The Perfect Affiliate Funnel (Creating Your Affiliate Machine)
Module 5: Email Marketing Mastery: How To Follow Up With Customers On Autopilot
Module 6: Free Traffic With Facebook
Module 7: The King Of Evergreen Traffic: YouTube SEO Mastery
Module 8: Free Traffic With Tik Tok
Module 9: Paid Traffic With Google and YouTube Ads
Module 10: Paid Traffic With Facebook Ads
Module 11: Paid traffic with Tik Tok Ads
Bonus: Launch Jacking Mastery

Watch the replay here:

Who Is Freedom Breakthrough For?

Freedom Breakthrough is simply an excellent program for all affiliate marketers and any online marketers as well.

For beginners just getting their feet wet, it’s the perfectt program to get started in the right direction.

Its all encompassing training will also mean that students don’t have to buy other complementary products to fill in the gaps that Freedom Breakthrough misses because there simply aren’t any!

It will also prove to be a useful tool for veteran marketers as well. It’s full of the latest tips and strategies that are working right now. These are things that Jonathan is currently using and that are currently creating a substantial income for him on a daily basis.
All these strategies are easy to implement and can be put immediately into use.

My Recommendation
Freedom Breakthrough gets my two thumbs up enthusiastically.
This product will prove useful for all affiliates regardless of their experience level as well as for any other online marketers.

It covers all required topics thoroughly and the downloadable workbooks included with the product modules are invaluable to ensure that no student is left floundering.
The final reason I recommend Freedom Breakthrough is because of Jonathan Montoya himself. He’s completely relatable and believable as an individual. Every aspiring online marketer can see himself and his struggles in Jonathan and what he overcame.

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