Filmmakers Learn How to Make a Profitable $10,000 Feature Film Anywhere via Low-Cost Online Workshop

(DailyMusicRole Editorial):- Los Angeles, May 14, 2019 ( – Nancy Fulton, a writer/producer currently supporting well over 40,000 entertainment industry pros in Los Angeles and nationwide through informative live events and in-depth recorded workshops, announces the wide release of her “How to Make a Profitable $10,000 Feature Film Anywhere” online course for independent film and documentary filmmakers nationwide. 
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About the workshop, Nancy says “Many new filmmakers invest in making short films which struggle to find a market. This in-depth recorded workshop reviews how they can make a feature film or feature documentary for the price of a short film and it covers how to arrange for the profitable sale of their work here in the US and to buyers overseas as well.”
This workshop delivers a step-by-step workbook, expert videos, and other resources that help filmmakers earn a good living from their work. 
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Nancy adds, “Many new film producers think they have to move to Los Angeles or New York to make films that make money. The truth is you can make a profitable film anywhere in the United States and there are some advantages to making movies, where costs are low and interesting locations, are easy to get. Audiences like stories they haven’t seen before set in places they haven’t been before.”
Topics covered in this in-depth recorded workshop include:
Why making a $10K movie you can sell is a good idea.
Why it’s easy to do but you haven’t heard of many people who have done it.
The characteristics of a good, sellable, $10K film script.
The equipment you need and where to get it cheap.
Where to get your cast and crew and how much to spend.
How to legally hire crew nationwide.
Where to shoot your film.
How to edit your film.
How to get distribution for your film on Amazon, Netflix, etc. 
How to sell the rights to your film overseas.
Marketing your film effectively.
Getting your film and your credits listed on IMDB.
Sample $10K Budgets
Acquiring production insurance quickly and cost-effectively. 
If you have questions about this workshop and topics covered in it, reach out to Click to find the workshop and take advantage of early bird pricing.
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