Evolution Review – Evolution Affiliate Marketing Course Review

Evolution Review –

What is Evolution?
Evolution is a course that teaches a very simple and effective method to make money through affiliate marketing…
It consists of about 6 modules that are all information packed unlike a lot of the other courses out there..

Why do you need this Course?
Normally affiliate marketing involves a lot of work and it isn’t really easy to make money. Here are some of the things involved –
– You need to setup a website
– You will need an optin page
– You will need to find good products to promote
– You will need to write a lot of good content and do all the right things for it to rank on the first page of Google
– You will have to follow all the SEO steps like on-page optimization, backlinking etc. to rank your website on the first page of Google
– You will have write a good presell page to promote the products
– And a few other things..

Evolution Solves these!
Evolution teaches you a method where you can bypass most of these requirements and piggyback on an authoritative content written by somebody else, to make money
This authoritative content acts as your presell and also provides value to your visitors thus building the trust factor in you

Evolution – The Concept
The method is pretty simple. It shows you how to generate traffic and drive it to an authoritative content
You build an audience with everyone who clicked over to read or, view that content
Now that you know that they are interested in a specific topic, you market a product on that similar topic to them
The concept is fool-proof because you know that audience you just promoted the product is interested in that topic and hence the conversion rates will be high
Moreover, it is an evergreen concept so, no fears of saturation

Evolution – My take
I bought a couple of upsells in this product and each of them were very valuable. One of the upsell was a done for you campaign and all you had to do was plug and play. And amazingly that campaign made me $78.00 in just 2 days
I created my own campaigns, about 2 of them. And they cumulatively made me another $239.00. So practically I recouped my investments in just about 3 days
This course is a good one for anybody who has been struggling in affiliate marketing. Because if you follow the process judiciously, you are sure to make decent money
The course is detailed and the creator explains every thing in detail so that even a newbie can do it. He even creates a new Clickbank account, sets up the campaign and even makes about $350.00
Moreover, there is a nice 5-day challenge which guides you step by step on making your first few sales
So overall, the course is extremely valuable and worth the price that it is selling for
Though the course is comprehensive and practical in all aspects, I would suggest a small tweak to it for long term success
The course teaches you to direct link to affiliate offers and drive the traffic to the affiliate sales page
But I would recommend creating a simple optin page before you send the visitors to the affiliate product sales page. This is so that you can build you list and market to these customers later. I wouldn’t really recommend entrusting to hard earned subscriber list to Facebook
The course is good for both newbies and experienced marketers

I have put together a few bonuses just for you, if you choose to buy from the link below.
Please keep in mind that if you do so, I will earn a small commission from the purchase at no extra cost to you.

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Go ahead and Order a copy right away.. It is priced around $10.00 which is a steal at that price.
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