Ethereum Price Surge: How Much of a Role Is the London Hard Fork Playing? | Frank Holmes

The crypto price rally added $300 billion to the market over the last week—it comes after Ethereum underwent a closely watched upgrade – the London Hard Fork – helping the crypto far outpace bitcoin.

Our Daniela Cambone speaks with Frank Holmes, U.S. Global Investors CEO and the Chairman of HIVE Blockchain about the news. Holmes also talks the precious metals industry and that they need to be receptive to adopting blockchain technology.

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  • Gas price gotten worse though

  • gas fees 200 dollars …real improvement

  • who knows about a good BROKER that can help me trade and earn back my lost coins.
    ive already lost a lot trying to trade by myself..

  • is mining worth doing? what about buying the cryptos?

  • Just FYI! Contrary to Frank's claim, gold has not out perform Warren Buffet's investments.

  • Hut-8 Mining anyone???? Any thoughts???? 🤔

  • How does the block chain verified if one day they can dont mined any more coins ?

  • Warren Buffet is a living fossil 🤣

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  • THUMBS DOWN: time for a microphone and please coach your guests to use a headset. I’m out in under six minutes.

  • AS

    Absolutely no bias here. Frank always gives honest, unbiased, altruistic analysis.

  • I love starting my day with this channel! amazing interviews with amazing guests!

  • Buy some $EVAPE (EveryApe) on uniswap we're paying to take 1 lucky holder to space via Virgin Galactic. 🚀

  • Tether. That’s what’s pumping the market right now…

  • With all these miners verifying every transaction and getting paid for it, and at the same time everyone is claiming that digital currency is the future, we cut off the middleman, orderless, fast, and sending money to another person is free and fast. Explain it to me how all this can be possible. As far as I know, it takes a long time to transact, it cost money to transact thru an exchange, and it surely isn't cheap or fast. And to bypass the banking system, we go thru an exchange, and this is supposed to be safer? I will stay with the bank for now, I know if I forgot my password, the bank will reset it for me. If I have a doubtful transaction, I can call up the bank and sort it out. If I don't trust the bank, I just don't put my money there. I don't think I trust any of the exchanges and platforms trading digital coins now.

  • My man wearing the 33 degree freemasonic eagle hat shouting out the the cult that put him on 💥

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  • Frank thinks people want clean bitcoin. kinda like non-blood diamonds. literally no one cares about it.

  • 12:05 Correction: Identical twins do NOT have their own unique DNA. They have identical DNA. Handedness can be influenced by the environment of their upbringing, but the DNA in the nucleus of their cells is exactly the same.

  • 6:11 That is NOT what a fractal is. Why does he keep saying that in EVERY interview? The same thing goes with Metcalfe’s Law. He misuses these terms in every video he’s in.

  • Always love your interviews, Daniela! You are top drawer all the way!

  • Ethereum is junk technology compared to Cardano. It’s a hyped up By individuals with major bags, however in the end the best technology Cardano – Will Wipe Ethereum off the map.

  • Daniella great show again, but educated investors don't care about any coin that needs a fork or hard fork to keep it alive. WHY? BECAUSE a hard fork occuring means the product doesn't do what it's supposed to do, and the hard fork is an "Attempt" to fix it. My opinion old broken outdated technologies aren't the future. Not an advisor do your own research. Hard fork are whales trying to take little fish money.

  • Twins is a good analogy for Bitcoin and BitcoinCash! Just not identical. One has 210x the friction and costs 70x as much. Hard choices in life… I wonder if hive is mining BCH 🤔

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