EmpiresX Review – Legit 1% Daily BTC ROI or Big Investment Scam? | empiresx.com

EmpiresX Review:

On their website empiresx.com, there is no indication as to who runs or owns this company platform and system.

After some careful research, I figured out who the owners are (see this video for more info on their identities).

But I am still wandering why are they not revealing themselves publicly on the company website that they own?

Usually when ever a financial company doesn’t show any evidence of ownership on the website they are running, it’s because they are trying to escape liabilities of some sort.

To me that is a red flag right there.

What are they hiding and from whom?

Some people are claiming that these issues are not a problem.

But if it’s long term passive income that you are after, then it is a problem.

Then there is more claims about and AI Trader and a Master Trader named Joshua Greg (who has no digital footprint outside this company website.

There is a person making marketing videos calling himself Joshua Greg and he has an American Accent but is this just another fake identity?

Watch this EmpiresX Review video to find out.

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