Digistore for BEGINNERS ⭐Make MONEY with AFFILIATE MARKETING on Digistore24 (Without a Website)

Use this FREE traffic method WITHOUT a website or any money. It is easy to make money with affiliate marketing on Digistore24, if you know the right strategies to make sales. Most people that start Digistore affiliate marketing don’t get any sales and they give up fast. In this digistore for beginners video, I break down the 4 steps you need to follow. Learn how to make money on digistore, the right way and avoid being disappointed.

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0:00 How to get started on Digistore affiliate step by step
0:19 Earnings from Digistore24
1:19 Create a free digistore24 account
2:12 digistore marketplace
3:25 How to find good affiliate products to promote from Digistore24
4:46 Get Digistore affiliate link
6:40 How to maximize earnings on digistore



Details on digistore24 marketplace
Earnings per sale represents the average revenue the vendor generates per customer.

Earnings per cart visitor stands for the average revenue that you generate per cart visitor i.e. a visitor to the order form.
Sales rank describes the position in the ranking list on Digistore24

The cart conversion is a percentage value that determines how many cart visitors actually buy the product.

The cancellation rate corresponds to the percentage of buyers who cancel products after they’ve made a purchase

This video is specially for digistore24 beginners. If you have ANY questions about making money on DigiStore24 or making money with affiliate marketing in general, ask me in the comments below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out!

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