Dave Hollis's Book is CRINGE | RANT REVIEW | DEEP DAVE

0:00 – Deep Dave Introduction & Background Info
5:25 – Dave Discredits His Own Argument
6:51 – The Book’s Problematic Introduction Chapter
12:53 – A Rich, Out of Touch Disney Executive
22:53 – Rachel is a Hypocrite at Work
26:54 – Dave’s Writing is BORING & Full of Business Guru Magnetic Poetry
31:55 – White Savior Dave
43:40 – Dave Uses His Kids for Instagram Clout
47:00 – Dave’s AWFUL Relationship Advice
1:11:00 – Dave Becomes the BEST PERFORMATIVE ALLY EVER to Women, POC, & LGBTQ
1:20:38 – Conclusion + What’s Coming Next


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  • 8:00 this sounds like a thousand teen romance novels out there.

  • You so hit the nail on the head describing Dave! I really feel like he is only about the dollars and he is so fake.

  • My dad was in his late 20s when he got into a relationship with my mom who was a teen (if not a minor I’m not sure). Though they had kids, a marriage that lasted years and Iove my dad, I still feel it’s sorta gross he got with her at his age and it’s kind of coherent with what I would consider to be the toxics aspects of his personnality. It’s usually easier to impress and control a teen and I can’t help but wonder if that was part of the appeal.

    It is what it is and we all turned out alright, but I can totally understand ambivalence/disaproval on that subject :/

  • You know damn well he regrets leaving Disney because his marriage failed and he has a failing business now

  • When my ex broke up with me, he told me that his mom thought that I was immature. Looking back, it is a privilege that I was called immature at 25. People my age who surrounded me were dealing with so much shit, I don't know if I'd handle it.

  • Thank you for clarifying your opinion on the age gap. I haven't been one of the folks who previously said something to you, but I get it. I'm in one of those age gap relationships. When my fiance and I met, he was 18 and I was 26. He messaged me on OKcupid and I went out on a date with him on a whim for Valentines day. But I was super weirded out by the gap and didn't want to see him again after the first date. He was extremely persistent, continued to pursue me, and well… 11 years on we are still together. And he's still and always has been the more mature and responsible partner in this pair. I still feel uncomfortable telling people about our age gap because people do get weirded out, even moreso because I'm the woman. I was getting cougar jokes thrown at me right from the start when I was only 26. So, yeah… I get the sensitivity other people in our situation have about the gap topic. I get that it could look predatory on my part but the truth is I was a pretty immature and naive 26 year-old. I also look really young. But the worry that people think I'm a weirdo will always be in the back of my mind.

  • His whole book is just him accidently roasting himself.

  • This review is amazing👏Thank you for enduring that hellscape to produce this content, it earned a subscribe from me

  • Wholly entertaining 👍

  • Trees died for this, smh…

  • Ok that intro had me rolling 🤣

  • It makes me happy the you used a clip of Chris Flemming, because EVERY TIME I hear the name Dave, I think of Gale.

  • You should do more of these videos I like them

  • B

    thank you so much for Gayle at the beginning

  • Why you don't have like a bizzilion followers is beyond me 🤣🤣 love your videos during hair washing evenings 🛀 💕

  • The Stauffers still blog. The husband has a very popular channel as well, Stauffer Garage. Them "rehoming" their adopted son because his health and issues were "too much" despite knowing he had those issues when they adopted him is beyond disgusting.

    Dave's book being bad and his oblivion to his privelege is not suprising at all.

  • Love you Savy!!!!! Great review. My eyes were like 👀 the whole time Cringe 😬🙄


  • This was great. Looking forward to the rest of the Deep Daves!

  • Ahh good job Woke Dave! Back pats for you! Women and LGBTQ people and POC accomplished all those things so you could feel great! 👏

  • Savy advocating for equal paid parental leave is everything 🙌

  • My favorite thing on the planet is people with room temperature IQs telling me they have the secret to life

  • I cant stop watching your videos!! I wanna be friends with you lbvs 😂🙏

  • You're consistently hilarious, thanks for this. Oh Dave.

  • I just took a shower but I feel like I might need a second one after this.

  • Childhood trauma also leads to this “mature for her age” thing. When I was 19, my 26-yr-old ex-fiancé told my mom: “I can tell she went through abuse as a kid because she’s so mature now” and “It’s better that she’s younger because then I CAN SHAPE HER, so we won’t have as much conflict cause she’ll be on the same page as me.” 😐 Three years later, after all the manipulation, idk how I’ll ever trust a relationship again. It’s also worth mentioning that this guy started preparing me when I was 17 and he was 24. He told me constantly how much I turned him on AT 17 and how he couldn’t resist my body (how I was his “biggest test from Allah” 🤢). I hate that I went for it. Having grown up with an abusive father, I KINDA knew how fucked up it was, but I also didn’t have the judgment to steer clear, and I was used to the idea that men were supposed to control/abuse me. I feel so lucky that I finally got out, and I’m so proud of all the other women who have too.

  • 5 weeks is quick to claim a foster child as your own. And, they know all family members get asked first over foster parents. It’s never an overnight process.

  • Look, Disney has a secret side. Their stated policy and what's acceptable are two different things. I know of only two people who've had positive work experiences at Disney. They don't even want to pay menial amounts to their hotel workers. Unless you get into management positions, most Disney position pay less than industry standard. Bob Igor had folks snowed. As far as how Dave got that first job that set him up for his future success in the entertainment industry…connection and genuine/organic mentorship is the only way. NO ONE makes it alone.

  • When I was 18 I started dating my first boyfriend, who was 26. He told me I was mature for my age (which I was in some ways because CPTSD) but I realized after about a year that he was actually pretty dumb. Like REALLY DUMB. He once told me he didn't need to wear a seat belt in taxis because he'd never seen one get into an accident. Yep.
    I noped out not long after.

  • “A frat boy’s guide to becoming a white savior” if this isn’t the truth lmao

  • I am dying and I loved this so much

  • “And then they get divorced” was the background of my dream after watching this. 😂

  • By the time I was in my early twenties I thought it would be weird to date an 18-19 year old. While a few years may not make a difference later on, they make a huge difference as a teenager. I'm not saying it's always this way, but let's not pretend there isn't a huge pattern of older men having toxic relationships with very young women. It's a thing.

  • C S

    As a forty-something, I’d like to contextualize some of Dave’s experiences from the 2010’s. This isn’t to defend him, but rather to offer a glimpse of how society operated at the time.

    1. Paternity leave wasn’t common a decade or so ago. Even now, it’s still not common in a lot of companies. I can’t speak for Disney, but one would hope a company that makes billions from children’s entertainment would offer some type of universal parental leave at this point.

    2.) As for his ally-ship, while weak, I’ll concede him credit. ‘Wokeness’ didn’t exist like it does today. This relatively new movement is rapidly facilitated by technology and platforms that simply did not exist ten years ago. Becoming exposed to other POV’s and experiences took a concerted effort to leave ones’ bubble. For most Americans, this usually happened during college, and usually only at coastal liberal colleges.

    Overall, I’ll give him credit for for being open to change his preconceived notions and biases. However, it doesn’t mean he deserves a book and high praise. Welcome to being human Dave.

  • Oh dear….. so many nuggets of vacuoussness it's hard to comprehend this is an actual published book. I can not stand the narrative of: I came from a privileged background, ergo I didn't have my "wake up" until in my 20's-30's. It legitimises racism, bigotry etc. Because apparently these 'privileged' souls are owed their wake up moment by the rest of the world! Plus, really, is he honestly trying to say throughout his entire childhood, teens, uni study he NEVER once saw anyone, was associated with anyone, was related to anyone, witnessed anyone, was the instigator of- or silent in the face of: sexual assault, racism, death or suicide of someone young, a friend losing a close relative, bullying, discrimination, friends who came from socio economically struggling areas, never heard anyone use homophobic slander towards another, never saw injustice towards indigenous/first nations people?
    Where did he grow up, in an extremely shut in household/community?
    Maybe he didn't look at/look for or recognise that stuff happening around him. But to say he came from a "white privelidge bacground" & thus that stuff just didnt exist cause he didn't see it is fucking ridiculous. Lots of ppl come from that background & see hear experience all of the crapness in life. And I might add, are NOT responsible for it & actively work from a young age to dismantle systems of power & inequality. Please excuse me while I go & vomit, it's very close to saying: oh but it's ok I was racist until my 20's, cause that's how everyone else was. Where? Oh it's totally ok I used to use homophobic slurs, everyone else did. Where? Not EVERYONE else. I guarantee there were always ppl who were pointing at unacceptable behaviour, maybe not a large group, maybe their voices weren't loud. But the apologist behaviour of: but EvEryOnE was of the casual drawing room racism of the 60's triggers the crap out of me. No YOU were/are like that. If you chose/choose not to see the world around you, it's your choice to be ignorant. The world doesn't owe you your fucking enlightenment. And FFS please don't put it in writing. Being privileged is not an excuse for ignorance & it detracts from the incredible work that LOADS of people in positions of privilege have done to combat inequality, throughout history. Charles Darwin was horrified by how his work was used to support racist dogma. In Australia back in the 'olden days' after Invasion there were ppl writing home to Mother England voicing concern & dissent at the death & murder of Indigenous Australians, at the taking/stealing of their lands. This stuff is not new, & ppl have talked about it & battled against it throughout history. Honestly the Bible is one long story of racism. Has he not comprehended it? Did Dave grow up in a Disney Cartoon.

  • Wait, this was worse than Authorpreneuer?!
    I almost want to read this train wreck.

  • Hot mess! Can't believe I bought this book last year or anything with the Hollis name on it.

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