Currency-backed Stablecoin: E-money (NGM) w. Henrik Aasted Sørensen

E-Money ($NGM) is a blockchain-based payment platform that aims to make peer-to-peer payments and money transfers cheaper and more accessible digitally. In this episode, we will talk to Henrik Aasted Sørensen, CTO of E-Money, about what is e-money and the regulations behind it.

0:00 What is e-Money ($NGM)?
1:00 What is your passion behind this project?
2:16 What are the regulatory hurdles that you need to overcome to set up e-Money?
4:01 Tether (USDT) has created a huge FUD in the market. How e-Money distinguishes itself from other stablecoin and prevents FUD?
5:12 How did e-Money manage to convince a financial institution to back their stable coin?
6:00 How much interest can people expect from the fund and how they can receive it?
7:28 There are 2 e-money tokens; 1 is stablecoin and another one is a utility coin. What is the total supply of the token and what is the ratio of it?
8:31 EU countries have a very low-interest rate, sometimes it is almost negative interest. What does it mean by the negative interest rate? How does it work?
9:55 Why e-Money chose to develop on Cosmos chain?
11:46 Who is your target market?
12:39 What is the USP of e-Money vs the rest of the stablecoins?
14:05 Where to get more info about e-Money and what is the best way to reach them?

Read more about e-Money here:

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