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    To help you calculate your gains or losses, we'll provide you with account statements with all your crypto transactions.
    Starting for the 2021 tax year, we'll also provide you with a 1099-B that you can reference when filing your taxes.

  • Hi! Great video🌝 what if my income as a single person is less than 38700$ (meaning I have to pay 12% on gains shortterm) but after selling my Bitcoin for instance for 100000$, does my “income” now increased and now I have to pay 24%?
    Thank you for your time!

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  • can i just take back the capital i invested in with out taking any profits?

  • Well shit now that Biden is president I think the capital gains tax went up

  • Capital gains and capital losses. What the fuck does that even mean. And why the fuck would you “owe” a percentage to the govt? For what?

  • suppose I traded $10 usdc to ltc and don't cash it out, how to calculate tax on crypto trade then?

  • Why can’t I export it to H&R Block only to TurboTax which I don’t use

  • Stinking government should go after corporations to pay taxes too. Stinking @$$hats protecting the rich from taxes or letting use loopholes in tax laws where’s the loophole for people who don’t want to be ruled by corrupt political @$$holes.

  • Thank you for breaking all this stuff down in plain English such a big help.

  • T J

    So if I follow this right, with all the new cryptos flowing around and blowing up

    If I bought $100 of $eth 6 months ago, TRADED IT for $whtvr and $whtvr blew up and that became worth $100,00 and I traded it back to $eth I would be taxed on that $99,900 gain. If I then SOLD that $eth for $100,000 would I be taxed a second time on the $100,000 since its a second taxable event? Making the total taxable income $199,900 despite only actually realizing $99,900 in gains?

  • So, I previewed my 2021 report so far cause I can't download it, unless I buy it. The question is: in the end, if my capital gain with the trades I made is negative, do I have to report to IRS?

  • is the 37% for 500k and more still applies today?

  • is the 37% for 500k and more still applies today?

  • Ive been shitting myself trying to get a straight answer on how to pay crypto tax (no one gives one) but your site looks like a life saver thank you so much

  • Can someone please tell me that how do we pay taxes if we buy bnb to swap it with safemoon through trust wallet app?

  • Also, shiba inu to the mooooon

  • Taxes, biggest scam ever

  • Question! If you send your crypto to someone else, and they give you cash, and they do the same later to someone else, would they IRS catch on, or is that legal?

  • if i’m single and made less than 20k last year but i made 100k in crypto this year will i only be taxed 12%?

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