Review: An Affiliate Marketer's Perspective Using Jarvis!

Welcome to the best new video on review for Affiliate marketing content by Al’s SEO House!

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In this video, I review, an A.I. content writing tool (Jarvis) that helps me write my affiliate marketing blog posts. Mainly, I’m doing this conversion AI review to show other affiliate marketers how I use Jarvis to write the content I don’t like to write, AND, how it saves me tons of man hours on the keyboard.

Jarvis is the AI content writer that helps me write my “best” lists, or, “top 10” buying guides. Recently, I wrote a top 10 list on one of my affiliate sites, and, Jarvis wrote 2,000 words out of the 3,000 words on that post.

What if you could save all that time writing? Or, what if your content writer could save a crap ton of time? Think of the possibilities.

Conversion.AI isn’t for everyone though, because not everyone is going to want to learn a brand new software. Yes, it takes time to learn how to use the templates, but after you get used to it and figure it out, Jarvis will be writing thousands of words for you in no time.

Enjoy this video as I reviewed Conversion.AI – it’s helped me so much and it has lifted my business to new heights in only 3 weeks.


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