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If you want to hire someone to create high quality content, you’ll need seriously deep pockets. For a single article from an entry level content writer, you can expect to shell out a minimum of $100. And let’s be real here… One article isn’t going to cut it. To increase your chances of ranking in Google you’ll need a huge bundle of articles. That quickly adds up to thousands of dollars in monthly costs. Let’s do some maths. If you were on the cheapest plan with your freelance content writer, you would be paying a minimum of $50 for an article. And let’s assume, you would be needing about 100 articles for your blog a month, that would mean paying $5000 for a year. But you can pay a minimum of $17 right now for the same service you’d have paid $5000 for. Introducing Contentify – Proprietary AI Turns YouTube Videos Into Traffic Getting Articles In Seconds.
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