Contentify is the software that takes care of ALL of your content creation needs. All you have to do is give the software a keyword OR enter your Youtube URLs, Contentify then automatically fetches the relevant YouTube videos and converts what is spoken into your site’s content.


Content is King. If you own a website, you need to make sure your content is unique and engaging, which improves your business online presence and earns more visitors’ interest. HOWEVER, We Need To Accept The Truth Creating Content Is a Daunting Task Because Content Creation SUCKS. It’s time consuming. It’s boring. It quickly drains your energy. And to make matters worse, it can take months before you see any results….Or you could go the outsourcing route…

Put Your Traffic Generation Into Top Gear With Quality Content:

STEP 1: Activation: Activate Contentify Software.
STEP 2: Enter: Enter any keyword to choose your desired niche or Enter Any Youtube URLs
STEP 3: Monetization: Input the link you want traffic sent to so you can profit, this could be anything
STEP 4: Turn Youtube Videos Articles: Contentify will begin turning already successful YouTube videos into articles on your website 24/7, on complete autopilot, like a tireless robot.


Find creative common videos from YouTube with a keyword or enter any specific Youtube URLs
Automatically transcribe it into text
Manually or Automatically publish transcribed text to your site
1-click share transcribed posts to top social media platforms
Place banner ads, html banner, and inline link.
Built-in Text translator with Contentify
Schedule feature included
3 paid spinner services integrated
Access to huge free royalty images and videos
Auto share a new post to Facebook fan page and Pinterest when it’s published

DISCLAIMER: All the videos on this channel as a whole are for educational purposes only. Individual results may vary. It is very important for you to know that everything you do and get from this is at your own risk and depends on how much work you are willing to put in. Some of the links in videos on this channel are affiliate links, meaning that some of the purchasing made through the links will give us a commission, without any additional cost occurring to you.

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