Celsius Network Review – What happens when I invest $100k into this awesome #crypto wallet?

Question for Wes? AMA! –
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Celsius is a crypto wallet that is changing the game for investors of all kinds. While it’s great to HODL our crypto and watch the value grow, wouldn’t it be nice to earn some interest while we wait?

That’s exactly what Celsius Network is built to do! In this video, I’m going all in and putting my money where my mouth is. I invested $100,000 USD into Bitcoin on Celsius and we’ll see what happens.

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Why Crypto holders HODL for profit and gain:
How to invest in crypto and NEVER lose:

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Canon Power adapter –
Main lens –
Secondary 24mm lens –
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Elgato HD60S+ capture card –
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1:48 Is Celsius a scam or legit?
3:04 Who is the founder of Celsius?
3:30 A review of Celsius as a company
5:20 Three big features of Celsius
6:32 Celsius interest earning rates
7:54 Why does Celsius allow earning interest?
9:06 Celcius app introduction
9:45 Celsius vs. Coinbase Wallet
10:06 Celsius security settings
11:26 Celsius HODL mode
11:57 What cryptos can I get interest from?
14:11 How to get a loan from Celsius
18:39 Looking at the Celsius community
19:28 Celsius CEL earning levels
20:15 Wes invests $100k into Celsius!
20:40 Conclusion



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