Cash/Stablecoins as an Asset Class in Crypto, Farmer vs Trader Life, AMA!!!

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The goal of this channel is to look at crypto projects differently, more from a fundamental and data-driven point of view. I love catching pumps, but understanding WHAT a project does and WHY it’s important allows me to have stronger conviction on the names I own. None of this is financial or investment advice.

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  • I started a new farming channel a few weeks ago . There is definitely demand for the content

  • lol "MATIC obviously, holy shit?! wtf is this?!" haha

  • Dude you got to stop saying "like" like every 10 seconds of speaking!

  • <After the dip in the cumulative cryptomarket cap recently, the sector has seen a steady recovery with its cap hiking currently. Bltcoin displayed strong signs of recovery and altco!ns were doing their part as well. While Eth is widely regarded as a major force behind any alt-rally, the inclusion of LTC in that same bracket may sound strange. However, there are key signs that both ETH and LTC are presently developing strong foundations to move the price rally forward. Eth’s long-term 365-day MVRV(Market Value to Realized Value) didn’t drop into the negative zone, a finding that suggested that there are still lots of profits to be taken by the long-term holders. LTC has been more of a follower than a leader in the market space during every bullish cycle. However, a recent market sentiment score begs to differ, LTC noted the highest sentiment score out of all crypto-assets during the final week of May 2021 and with some recent occurrences with LTC it’s definitely worth watching out for. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is highly volatile therefore making it very diverse and versatile in nature. Experience does come in handy, which is why I trαde daily with trαde signals from Fernando Rafael , by the way, he can be reached on his ͲҽӀҽցɾαต @Bernxtradex. I can vouch for the accuracy of his trαde signal because I was able to trαde them on my portfolio and made profits of over 6 btc. With his signals and his online courses on risk management, my trαdes have become better equipped. Newbies looking to get started can get a hold of his's free Trαde Courses on the internet.

  • Links would be nice. This is ridiculous. You can’t even google some of this stuff. Made the video uselessly annoying.

  • Love it, nice video. Im on the mine, trade, hodl, farm train lol

  • sorry I dont get the donations. is it for you or a charity? surely not for you as you are a crypto youtuber and you clearly make bags on bags.

  • Great videos. Have you heard anything about Barnbridge on Polygon?

  • Degen Farm devs hate him for exposing their worthless farm tokens 😂

  • yo thanks bro for the alpha

  • thirstiest dude on youtube

  • PolyPup has went from $12 to $240 since announcing level 2 farm, is this typical when level 2 farms are announced?
    Will the pup token drop quickly when the level 2 bone token is drops?

  • Polypulsar has been an excellent farm thusfar. I'm excited to see where this project goes.

  • i like your content, but lose of is incredible so fast, not ready for this yet

  • Unfortunatly there are not apy worth of stake excluding the ones with impermanent loss

  • 100% sure Taiki is farming gemstones right now.

  • Hey can you do a video on what happens when some of these yield farms like poly cat hit their mint caps? Polycat specifically is holding up well and has already been mentioned on the channel several times, so it wouldn't be shilling in anyway to do an update, but the 3mil cap is coming soon and the value has held up pretty well, holding at around 15$ right now. They have multiple burn vaults to add value to the tokens, but without fish tokens printing, what happens? The only use I can see is they require fish tokens to buy IFOs which seem like they are just ICOs, so fish token will allow exclusive purchase of these tokens, and each purchase burns the full fish amount, so supply will drop fast. The issue I see is these are the only 2 ways to add value I can see, and lets say it lasts a couple years, supply is burnt down to like 500k, would people actually hold fish at like 300$ a piece just to use it to purchase new tokens? Take it 1 year further, supply down to like 250k, would people hold onto fish at 1k to buy up new tokens? I don't know it seems like for that to happen people would need to treat it like a private VC group at some point requiring large deposits of thousands of dollars to do anything and get in on the next IFO, but if this did happen, a token like this has insane value in the future.

  • Iron Finance Master Ruggers come out we a new product
    -The community: "Oh boi, here I go apeing again!"

  • Luna chart : I'm a buyer @ .5 😀

  • You have a great voice Taiki!

  • I recently discovered your YouTube, no nonsense, no confusion, just good content! flykick, high five! Gonna Gitcoin you right now! And the other 6.6k who watched don't be shy join me!

  • Great content as usually! check out Tradestrike / $strike – DEX & Staking launching in a week. last chance to get it below a cent. The chart speaks for itslef

  • “Degen mode: >10% monthly returns”

    People tripling their portfolio in the last month: 👀

  • as always great vid. If you had your private url for polygon, would you have been able to get out faster at that time when Titan went down?

  • Anyone farming on Dfyn?

  • Hi Taiki, did you have a look at impermax? What's your opinion?

  • when somebody says its a "yield maxi" but doesnt farm on BSC.. 🤭

  • Really enjoy your content man, lots of interesting points to think about/explore. Not the usual do as I say garbage. Keep it up 👍

  • Bro, do some research before youy speak to 43k people, this was full of missinformation

  • B Y

    "lol" as a risk param hahahha

  • So how big is whole crypto bag to be able to live the farmer life. I think people doesn't seem to realize it takes money to make money . In this case tokens

  • This was a great video with tons of random tidbits of information i found super useful. Thus, I will give you a pass for that “definition” of a bull market lol FYI a bull market could be defined as an upward trend for an extended period of time. Unless we go down or sideways for the next six months or year we are still in a bull market. The long term market trend has not yet changed, we are only correcting from the relatively parabolic move the markets have just had. This could also change if the stock market does anything unsavory, however, and it may soon.

  • Love your videos.. one more bull market and I’m in the .0001% of my age group. This bear market gets me even more giddy than the bull market because I know it will be the last accumulation phase I need to be able to live whatever life I want. Thank you for your awesome videos! My favorite DeFi farming channel

  • Did you know that any transaction related to titan & iron had a 3 % fee theat went to the team? If you do the math…the team made around 90 mil in one month

  • Hey man, great content. Just one question, what do you mean when you say "Alpha"?

  • Why does taiki keep stables in pure AAVE over polygon curve finance where the yield is higher. Curve is very safe similar to AAVE. That would have been a good question

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  • The best bank rate is 4%. There's only 2 banks with that rate though.

  • I am sorry if I sound ignorant, but isn't Luna just like Titan and UST which is backed by Luna which is their own coin makes it similar to how Iron is partially backed by Titan? Does this make UST just as risky as Iron Finance? MAI which is backed by a minimum collateral ratio of 150% of either MATIC or BTC seems like a much safer stable coin compared to UST. I love your channel and have learnt a lot from your videos, hoping you would be able to see this and answer my question.

  • bear market in taiki's video engagement metrics LOL

  • Hey Taiki, thanks a lot for your work man, really appreciate it! Been following for a couple of weeks but I have learned a lot on top of what I had been doing on my own. I was wondering, and since Europe is a huge market, would you be interested in having a look at Celo Network and their Euro stablecoin? There is another one called Eurs, from Stasis, which Im so waiting for to be able farm it on Polygon. Even for US citizens, taking into account that no fees will eat your capital, may be interesting farming a stronger stablecoin since there are opinions that the $ will devaluate… I dont know this is just my own opinion. If you needed help approaching the European audience Im happy to help! thanks again and keep up the good work!

  • Are you not concerned that UST is an algo stablecoin?

  • I farm and trade at the same time. winning.

  • What do you guys think about just putting most of my money on cake and Staking it? I mean 100% return is super good plus cake is pretty safe. Thoughts?

  • @Taiki, what's your opinion on Safedollar? Have been in and out for the past two weeks but I'm sceptical about the fundamentals…..

  • Looking forward to you doing some terra farming videos, you mentioned at the start that you aim to farm 42-79% APY in stables, what are the best tools you use to find these?

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