Cardano (ADA)'s 60 Days of Fun | Cardano Rumor Rundown #133

Cardano (ADA) is slated to experience the introduction of smart contracts and the Goguen era within the next few months with the Alonzo Hardfork Combinator Event. But, there is something else up Cardano’s sleeve. The mysterious NDA and the secretive travel mentioned by Charles must correspond to some potential partner or partners. So when Charles says we are in for two months of “fun,” it’s unclear whether that is just a reference to Alonzo or to some other unseen partnership currently brewing.


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0:00 Intro
0:38 Sixty Days of Fun
1:25 Could just be Alonzo
2:37 DeFi Challenges
3:31 Tether is Pervasive
4:32 Cardano Can Build Around Regulation
7:03 El Salvador
9:20 Other Nation-State Crypto Players
10:12 Corporate Crypto Players


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