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  • The video has been cut off at the end again. The funny part was that I explained (why) it was being cut off in this video….and THAT part of the video ended up being cut off. So, basically I have too many tabs open in the background, I have around 100+ tabs open and I need to close them and not overload my computer when making a video. I mean, it worked last time !

  • Hold bitcoin, everyone is talking about Bitcoin dumping,The truth is it will go higher even if it dump's, the best thing to do now is to invest what we hold in our wallet as for me I am learning to trade with Mr Brent Christopher and so far my crypto has been increasing massively.

  • Any KIN predictions?

  • Finally some KIN news

  • $589 XRP will truly be life changing in the next few years….

  • TMI, checkout Chainlink. The project is/can be the next Neo, in terms of its low token price😉

  • Phew, caught up again on TMI! Most people are still intelligible on 2x, but the limit for TMI is 1.5x… and even that is challenging 🙂

  • Gotta wait to thumb up vid it has 420 likes 😁

  • Since your video cut off I guess you’ll owe us two videos tomorrow as well…lol Loving the two a days!! Thanks for all you do

  • I guess 2 half videos in one day equals 1 whole video lol.

  • Videos keep cutting off early Sun!

  • Funny I have a trash bag full of kin I’m going to hold out

  • TMI Your video keep cutting off . You need to look into that .

  • Thx for the Kin news…. I'm still going to hold till I break even. 😅

  • I sold my automobile today) Invested in ETH, XRP and in ICO of the Telegram newgram .info I have great hopes for Telegram!

  • (Thank you TMI for honest reporting)
    Equip: 1 bottle o' booze [(please be careful)].
                1 shot glass per person.
                1 beer per person.
    Take 1 shot   – "Hello Everybody"
    Take A sip     – "Welcome Back"
    Take A sip     – "To Start Things Off"
    Take A sip     – "Let's Move On" 
    Take A sip     – "Next Up"
    Take A sip     – "Blah Blah Blah"
    Take A sip     – "So and so"
    Take A sip     – "Yadda Yadda Yadda"
    Take A sip     – "Keeping in Mind"
    Take A sip     – "W/out Further Ado"
    Take 3 shots – "W/out Further Ado Doo"
    Take A sip     – "What have you"
    Take 1 shot   – "Whatever the Case Might Be"
    Take 1 shot   – "And I Do Quote"
    Take A sip     – "I Would  Be Shocked If…"
    Take 1 shot   – "I Was  Listening to a Podcast"
    Take 1 shot   – "I Have A Friend" (who is or isn't listening "probably").
    Take 1 shot   – "My Gosh" 
    Take 1 shot   – "My Goodness"
    Take 1 shot   – "I'm Fairly Certain"
    Take 1 shot   – "I'm Not Even Joking"
    Take 1 shot   – "It Drives Me Insane"
    Take 1 shot   – "That's Kind of Cool"
    Take 1 shot   – "That's Really Weird" (or variations thereof).
    Take 1 shot   – "The Point Being" 
    Take 1 shot   – "This is Awesome"
    Take 1 shot   – "For Those Who Haven't Been Paying Attention"
    Take 1 shot   – "For Those Who Are New to the Space"
    Take 1 shot   – "For Those Not Looking at The Screen"
    Take 1 shot.  – "You Kind Of Get What I'm Saying"
    Take 1 shot   – "You Know How I Feel About This"
    Take 1 shot. –  "I Mean, To Be Fair" 
    Take 1 shot   – "If You Can See Where This is
    Take 1 shot   – "If You Kind of Want to Say It That Way"
    Take 3 shots – "The Geminis"
    Take 2 shots – "Everyone's Losing Thier Minds"
    Take 2 shots –  A "Stutter-Repeat" of a word.
    Take 2 shots –  Speaks too fast ; replaces words w/ curse words.
    Take A Sip     – "To Kind of Finish Things Off"
    Take A Sip     –  "A Special Thanks To My Patreons"
    Take A Sip     – "As Always"
    Take 1 shot   – "Ssssee You"😄👍

    [Thanks community for your input.]

  • Kik=MySpace…😢🎓☕

  • Nice! A 2nd video! 😀

  • Hey man! Do you have a email to contact you? Want to send you something through thr mail as a thanks! I can ship over seas! 🙂

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