Best Yield Farming Platforms to Make Crypto Passive Income

Best yield farming platforms for crypto passive income – how to earn crypto passive income on Ethereum DeFi yield farming protocols, Celsius Wallet earning app, and other yield farming and crypto earn apps for best crypto passive income.

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0:00 Intro
1:04 Ethereum yield farming platforms
3:20 Celsius wallet (crypto earn apps)
5:21 Binance Smart Chain yield faming platforms
7:41 (exchange earn platforms)

MetaMask tutorial:

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  • Scammers are impersonating me in the comments. BEWARE. 💪🏻

  • Are any of these platforms apps for phone? Hope so! Also what should I be starting with? Could I make good money from 1000

  • Wtf. Is that spiderman?.

  • Caramelswap is looking seriously bully – check out their TG and their chart – they have a hotbit listing on the 10th – had their first ama 3 days ago, and is updating their UI and farms to V2 farms. their yield – would love if you would do a video covering a range of yield farms – their benefits – cons etc. and a rehash of farming mechanics.

  • Hey! I really enjoy your video! Done subscribe your youtube! But can you help me with this crypto? Im new and im not sure whether this crypto is good to do staking or not ( zombie farm) . Hope u will help me with this. Thanks! Hope to see more video from you!

  • Using ethereum suuuucks! Go on to AAVE on Polygon!

  • Ball DEFI gives you much higher returns. Do your home work properly

  • DeFi Yield Farming is one of the best way to earn passive income. I came across with DeFiCity recently as they're backed by Duckdao and a I like how they create a browser based game for farming. Surely this will give us huge benefit in the future!

  • 200% APY on BSC platforms, why pay ETH fees?

  • Although it’s only been 3 Weeks, I noticed once I started investing and opening separate savings accounts, the money I would have wasted on fast food or Amazon impulse buys has increased my wealth. It’s amazing seeing the amount of money I save each month. Thanks for helping keep the finance topic energetic and easy to focus and understand i'm grateful

  • why u dressed like antifa

  • This made so many of them look good and now I'm more confused haha xD
    I was hoping for a clear winner.

    Sounds like kucoin for USDT, then maybe like celsius for other things… or venus… lol

    In any case great great video. Thank you

  • Awesome video on Best Yield Farming Platforms to Make Crypto Passive Income. Keep up the great work. I used your referral code for Kucoin.

  • More information in less time than I've ever found elsewhere, thank you.

  • Noob question: let's say I lend out 1 Eth on a lending/ staking platform at todays price and then leave it there for one month. When I withdraw – the price has doubled (for example), so in one month do I get back the £$ value I lent out (ie todays price of 1 Eth) or would I get back 1 Eth at its new (doubled) price???

  • Really great tutorial and video man 🙂 Thank you! Just getting in to this whole crypto thing and love the idea of staking!

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  • can i do with with omi?

  • Great Stuff. I started watching your videos last year as a beginner before giving stock market a trial. I was able to make $972,000 within 3 Months with a capital of $100,000. keep it up!

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  • Really good, very informative. it opened my eyes to a few things. Thanks. I get nervous moving my crypto around and for low returns and high gas fees it doesn't make sense. For now the returns on binance especially if you hold BNB are where its at but ill look into Kucoin for stable coin lending.

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