Best Affiliate Marketing Course: Don’t Waste your money (Best to buy in 2020)

Today I share some of the best affiliate marketing courses I have taken to this day.

Check out my review of Savage affiliates here first:

Savage affiliates :

1. Project 24 (income School) :
2. Six-figure blogger (create and go):
3. wealthy affiliate:

– Matt diggity – Affiliate lab:
– Authority Hackers
– Savage affiliates:
– wealthy affiliate:
– Kyle roof

– Commission hero (997$) FB ads and CB only
– Savage affiliates:

– 6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp (Liam James Kay):
– Nomad Brad PPC:
– Anthony alfonzo –

There you have it! My full review of the best courses for affiliate marketing as of 2020. I have spent A LOT on courses and through testing different methods, these are the ones I’ve found to stand out for the rest.

Be careful with how you spend money on this stuff. I hope this helps you out big time as I know when I started, I wish I found a resource like this.

If you have any questions about any of these affiliate marketing courses, then feel free to contact me via the details below.




  • If you’re on the fence about buying a course for affiliate marketing, then this is your saviour. The best course is savage affiliates overall and the rest are best at specific traffic sources.

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  • Is commission hero really worth it!!! It's cost is huge

  • Six figure blogger create and go looks interesting.

  • IP

    What courses would you say have thought you everything about affiliate marketing?

  • can I make 1k a day in profit after see his course?

  • Sir, what about Neil Patel. He also has a free course on his blog Neil I am planning to start affiliate marketing…so what do you think about him.

  • Supporting my brother.

    Just bought the Super package via your aff link


    P.S. holla at ya boy – let's make a link up happen.

  • So which one do you recommend in 2020? I am confused 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • AMAZING REVIEW!! Does the best PPC course include managing Native Advertising like Taboola and Outbrain? Thank You 🙂

  • Brad's course is called Bing Ads Bootcamp and I actually picked that up before getting Kody's course…a lot of similar things between the two, but Kody did talk on a few other topics that Brad either doesn't use or just didn't bother getting into his own course.

  • Hi Leon, i want to purchase the savage course from your link. Can you mentor me? thanks

  • Who would be the best course for if you want to outsource the blogposts?

  • The problem with this video is that he is clearly pushing the most popular guru programs for his personal profit. He did not mention ANY STM super-affiliate guys that have been in the trenches making millions on Affiliate Marketing ( Exclusively ) for years. I.E Charles Ngo , Vortex (from STM) Christina Szekeres etc. Pretty much anyone that is NOT high profile or otherwise affiliated with ClickBank he simply did not mention. He also fails to mention people who just quietly run traffic for a living who are NOT focused on making courses. Seems disingenuous to me.

  • Very helpful, I am just starting out my AM journey.  I was made redundant recently and am sick of spending 40hrs a week in a shitty 9-5 I hate. I just started a new job but my I am set on making my AM journey my future.

  • It's nice seeing another British person doing it. So many times it's American and I think "Does this apply to me!?"

  • Hi Leon, Thanks for the honest review and your down to earth approach. I’m just curious why you never mentioned Russel Brunson and his One Funnel Away Challenge. I’ve been looking into this and I’m not sure if it’s worth it. I’ve read his Dot Com Secrets book which is brilliant. But what about his challenge?

  • Great video. Exactly the information I was looking for.

  • Hi Leon, I'm a new subscriber, I really enjoyed watching this video and thank you very much for the detailed information. After watching a few videos on affiliate marketing I feel you may be the most genuine amongst them. I'm going to follow your link and probably email you with a few questions, and really appreciate your help for people who have no clue of what to do.

  • Hello Leon, what can you say on Matt's Marketing Blueprint Application. Please let me know. My email is
    Thank you

  • Thank you for all the detailed info!!

  • Great video. Which course would you recommend if I don't want to build a website or blog or a landing page? I've heard that when doing paid Ads you can't use the affiliate link directly in the Ad; it must drive the traffic to a landing or "pre-sell" page and on that page you can use your affiliate link. Is that correct?

  • Hi, have you ever used 'Inbox blueprint' by Anik Signal? Do you have a recommendation on that at all?

  • Hi Leon, Thanks for the great video I've found it very useful. Subscribed as well to your channel. I think Im gonna start with Savage affiliates. Can I ask based on your experience (given that you commit it to it properly) would you say 4-6 month is a realistic timeline to see results? Many thanks for your help. ATB

  • Hi! I just bought the SavageAffiliate Super through you. I really hope I can keep up since I'm a real newbie. Hope you can help me out too if I need some assistance. Much power to you and wishing you the best of luck. You're great!!

  • I am sooo happy to have come across your channel. I am happy to see you give time to reply. I hope you can reply to me too. I am on the fence on buying Savage affiliates. Do you think it's for super newbies like me?. I am really zero experience but I've started to have interest with it.

  • i thought franklin prohibits affiliates to market his course?

  • Love this video. Me personally I can see myself going down the ppc route. Plus learning marketing and the whole paid ad world is just interesting to me. I really don't want to create a blog. Just not my thing lol. Youtube videos maybe, but deff not blogs. The only way I would ever want to create a blog is if I wanted to actually support a topic without the idea of making money. Not just to create it to make money off of affiliate products. I feel like the site would lack content because im in it for the wrong reasons if that makes sense.

  • Spencer Meacham has made well over 3 million in affiliate commissions, over 1 million with just one software, and offers a free course for newbs and a premium course called Affiliate Secrets. If you are looking for a great blogging course check out Authority Hackers and the best course for email marketing is Auto Responder Madness. Wealthy Affiliate is great if you are just starting out in Affiliate Marketing and do not have a big budget. It's only 49 a month and teaches you blogging. That cost includes your blog and super high speed hosting. Wealthy Affiliate is also doing a massive update to their program as of March 2020.

  • Hi Leon! I am so pleased I have found your channel!!! I am really interested in learning affiliate marketing and this topic is so helpful! There is so many courses out there and I am really confuse what is the best one for a beginner like me. But this vid of yours is a saviour! you have mentioned all those courses I saw here in Youtube and was researching for the one that will really help me make money online… as in for real. Now, I am enlightened.. thank you so much. I like the content of all your videos and how you deliver it, you are very natural and I can tell you are honest. You are defo the mentor I am looking for to start affiliate marketing.

  • Hi Leon, I see a lot of good opinions and reviews for authority hacker by Gael Breton and Mark Webster.Any thoughts on this training program?

  • Hi.. If i may side track and get some advise in terms of website themes. Should we get thrive membership which is one of the best.. Do we still need a theme like geenrare press?

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