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Trading online gives you the opportunity of being your own boss. It allows you to work from anywhere, whether at home or at the beach.However, most traders have a rough time understanding the market. The available information doesn’t help either but only acts to overload the trader. As such, the traders are never ready to start the process. But not anymore! Bitcoin loophole acts to lower the entry barriers to financial trading. With a basic understanding of the markets, you can start making money. You’ll only need some trading capital to start.Financial trading tools like trading algorithms, AI, bots, and social trading makes it easier to trade. You don’t need specialized training or advanced degrees to succeed. The African Exponent WeeklyEvery week, get a digest of Top African News and Articles from The African Exponent.Sign UpUse these trading rules to become successful. 1.    Have a Trading Plan It’s a set of rules that specify your entry, exit, and money management process. Drafting a trading plan, albeit time-consuming, is the best way to prepare for success.  Thanks to technology, you’re able to test a specific idea before risking your money. The strategy is known as back testing. Here, you apply your trading idea to historical data to determine its viability. It also shows the expectancy of this plan’s logic. Once you set a trading plan, and back testing shows positive returns, you’re ready to proceed. The strategy here is to abide by the established policy. Trading outside this plan is a poor practice that destroys the expectancy of this investment. 2.    Trading is a Business When trading, two things can happen; you can win or lose your investment. Always strive to create value on your investment.The best way to do this is by viewing the trade as a business. However, most people make the mistake of treating the activity as a job or hobby. Don’t let this happen. As a hobby, you don’t commit to learning. As such, it’ll be expensive to trade. Since there’s no regular paycheck, viewing it as a job is quite frustrating. When trading, you’re an entrepreneur. As such, you should research and layout strategies on how to maximize growth and success in your firm.  3.    Make Use of Technology Trading online is a competitive business. It’s also safe to assume that other traders are using technology. Bitcoin loophole allows you an infinite method of checking and analyzing market trends. It also helps determine whether the investment is worthwhile or not. Back testing the idea of available data saves your trading account. It also ensures your finances are safe and secure, thus saving you from stress and frustration. Even better, you can get trading tips and updates via your phone. Use this to make smart investment decisions.Also, don’t ignore the power of fast internet speed. It’ll improve your trading performance.Making use of technology while keeping tabs with available technology is fun and rewarding. It helps you earn higher profits in trading. 4.    Protect Your Capital Trading online requires a decent capital. As such, you cannot afford to lose all your money.It takes time and effort to fund your trading account. Remember, protecting your capital doesn’t mean you’ll not lose trades. No! As a trader, you need enough shock absorbers to deal with losses. Losses are a part of this business. But then, what does protecting your trading capital entail? It means you shouldn’t take unnecessary risks that jeopardize your trading capital. Do everything possible to preserve it. 5.    Be a Student of the Markets Being a successful trader requires you to be continually learning. Remember, several trading concepts and experiences form a prerequisite knowledge of the industry.As such, remembering these experiences and intricacies is a lifelong, continuous process. Undertaking research allows you to learn and internalize the facts. It also helps you to determine the nuances helping you understand the impact of economic reports in your industry. For instance, politics, economics, events, and weather across the globe impact on your market. But don’t forget that your trading market is dynamic. Understanding the current and past markets prepares you to face the future. 6.    Have a Risk Plan When trading online, you have a risk of losing your capital. Learn how to manage this risk. Remember, funding your trading account is a lengthy and tumultuous process. Before this happens, ensure the money in your account is expendable. Otherwise, keep saving until it’s expendable. Don’t allocate the money in your trading account for paying fees or mortgage. Don’t think you’re borrowing from this account to honor essential obligations.Only allocate the money you can afford to lose in your trading account. As such, you’ll not be traumatized when you lose all the money. 7.    Base Trading Methodology on Facts Don’t be in a hurry to draft a trading method. The exercise isn’t easy. Remember, the prevalence of trading scams online. Facts, not hope or emotions, should be the inspiration for drafting an online trading plan. Setting aside time helps you sift through the information available online. With this, you boost the chances of coming up with a transparent and verifiable trading method.8.    Have a Stop Loss It’s the amount you’re willing to risk in a specific trade. Your stop loss can be a dollar amount or a particular percentage. Either way, it limits your exposure during a deal.Having a stop loss takes away the emotion from your trade. The reason being, you’ll only lose a specific amount on any business.Yes, the preference is to leave all the trades with a profit. But that’s not always the case. A stop loss is there to minimize your risks and losses. Conclusion Are you planning to trade online? Then, devise a way to ensure you become successful. Do this by understanding how these trading rules work and implementing them. Trading, like all businesses, require hard work and dedication. Remember, the trading arena is highly competitive. Have a trading plan illustrating the amount of money to trade per session. Incorporating a stop loss in this plan keeps your losses at the minimum. As such, you increase your odds of success.

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