Avoid Paying Taxes on Cryptocurrency LEGALLY

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The Crypto IRA Page at Directed IRA:

At this end this video I give you the strategy on how to never pay tax on your Crypto…it’s the Roth IRA. Here is a link to a Full, 1-hour video/podcast, NO hide ball, presentation on HOW to do it: It was just TOO MUCH to tackle in this one video.

ALSO, if you want to set up a Crypto Roth IRA- Check this out here and be trading within hours!!

Mark breaks down how to LEGALLY avoid paying taxes on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. There are people who have made MILLIONS of dollars on the rise of crypto and those people will also pay MILLIONS in TAXES! In this short video, Mark teaches the legal way to keep 100% of your profit on your crypto gains!

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  • Unfortunately there is no legal clarity on staking which is similar to mining. People are assuming it falls under the same legal framework. Although it's very unrealistic.

  • So you just are delaying your tax liability but honestly really great information.

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  • Good day everyone I'm new to forex trade And have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong

  • If a person is subjected as self employment because he/she mines.. Can't they write off certain costs for instance maybe startup costs, or what can be done?

  • TLDR put it in a roth IRA

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  • What is this word "leeeagal"? I'm bunkered in privacy coin via mining, offshore and atomic swaps. I don't speak that language.

    Do you really not understand that the reason crypto was invented was to get outside the government run financial system?

    It's not just an investment. It's a weapon.

  • This tax system is archaic, intrusive and error prone. Abolish income tax and use micro tax instead where all electronic payments/wire transfers get taxed at a small percentage. There you go, no file reporting. Problem solved and everyone is happy.

  • But what if you just trade to another coin and never go back to fiat?

  • J M

    I thought cryptocurrencies was taxed as "property"?

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  • First find out WHO is liable for federal income tax. Are YOU that foreign entity REQUIRED to pay FEDERAL INCOME TAX? Are you a foreigner who used a middleman to gain USA income???? If not, you owe nothing. Read Dave Champions book SHATTERING THE MYTH. This is ridiculous. You think you owe on your number 1 protected RIGHT???? YOUR LABOR!!!!!!???????? FYI. RIGHTS CANNOT BE TAXED.

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