Anti MLM: Tori Belle; is it an MLM disguised as affiliate marketing?

As a blogger of the past 6 years, I know a thing or two about affiliate marketing. Tori Belle is not affiliate marketing. It is in my opinion, most DEFINITELY an MLM structure. What infuriates me is the fact that they try to make it sound like you’re an influencer by being part of this program. Please, do not fall for this!
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  • What is a hun bot? What's the beach body deal?

  • The CEO of Tori Belle holds a patent for magnetic eyeliner

  • This is actually hilarious! You actually have no idea about the company. And you are saying it's bullshit that people make money and it is a business????? What facts do you have about that? Have you worked for them? Because allow me to tell you as someone who does work for them and have friends that do….. And people are EASILY clearing 6,7,even 10 grand a month!! Anyone who is interested in joining tori belle, please reach out to an actual affiliate and not a negative betty who has no clue what she's speaking about!!

  • I just purchased from tori belle. I didnt want to become an affiliate and the affiliate i purchased from was more than fine with that. I have to say i love what i have purchased. The magnetic liner is less damaging on your natural lashes. I absolutely love the lipstic and will purchase again. I in no way intend to sell it. I would never be self motivated enough and am not a salesperson lol. Your review of this company and its business model is useful …..however, i dont believe you should discredit the products when you havent even tried them. Imo. And if they were to sell these items at Ulta or Sephora…then there would be no business for the women or men attempting to sell outside of a store model.

  • This is a great company and she is the inventor and she has helped a LOT of people so

  • Have you done a follow up video yet?….most of the info is out of date….😒

  • 28:00 I love your bill burr thinking

  • A young desperate friend of mine is doing Tori Belle. She says she is having fun and her husband is helping to make sure she doesn't waste their money. I worry about her so much.

  • Thanks very informative I was recently introduced to the product but perfectionist me always want to research everything and know everything before hand this is the last piece of info I needed. Wondering what effect will the magnetic eyeliner have in the future for people using it on a regular basis 🤔

  • There is no monthly quotas, you sell or even buy yourself you get commission.

  • Really good video, watching it now due to the updated info about TB … Can't wait to see that new video! 😊

  • I'm not big on MLMs but I'm a makeup artist so I thought it would be cool to give this a whirl. It was only $27 dollars to sign up. And I already made that back in the first month. Also, I'm able to still work with the cosmetic brand I work for and sell these. So I'm not sure what you are talking about unless it has changed recently.

    I would say that they should probably not use the word "affiliate" being that you do have to pay into it. But the starting rate was so low, I made it right back. I think this one could be good for a person if they know how to incorporate it into their world. And these days, you can only see eyes because of wearing masks, so many women will begin to focus on their eye makeup and lashes.

  • Can you believe that the link they gave me to sell- it goes straight to nothing…
    I’m disgusted

  • Thank you for this vid! Suddenly a lot of people on my instagram began selling this magnetic lashes and I inmediatly suspected that it must be another mlm. Specially when I saw the exaggerated price of these products.

  • I'm an affiliate for a few brands too. This is definitely not that. I didn't pay to be an affiliate. They actually sent me free product. I just share a link. My job is done lol

  • I guess I'm what's considered a micro influencer on IG. That shit takes work. Keeping your engagement up. Being active. Stories, pictures. Its not as simple as post and go. Lol

  • Holy crap, I too have learned basic HTML by playing around with MySpace layouts. 🙂 I know that wasn't the point of the video, but this has brought back memories. 🙂

  • Magnetic lashes that clip onto your lashes have been around. She invented magnetic liner and mascara that one set of lashes magnetizes to it. Thats why it says innovative.

  • I thought Tati Westbrook created the magnetic lashes/eyeliner. Maybe I’m wrong.

  • I really love magnetic eye liner, it's the only way I've ever successfully put on false eyelashes. But I bought them from a beauty store. So if you want to try it, buy it from a store instead of a shitty mlm!

  • Please do a video about Mary Kay!! I have a friend who does Mary Kay and I’m very curious about your experience doing it. I haven’t been able to find many videos on Mary Kay specifically and since you’ve done it I’m sure I can learn some info and hopefully save her!

  • I thought you were saying all big influencers were just rich and didn’t work hard at first.

  • I just left beachbody two months ago, and they started that rule of only being in one MLM within the last year.

  • If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… It's probably nothing a mfking puppy, Karen.

  • What have you heard about Valentus?

  • All I keep thinking is "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye". I get the strongest feeling that this product will also turn out to be bad or start good and then the quality will change and someone gets hurt.

  • I do have affiliate marketing programs and you do not pay to play. Shareasale is a legal and legit affiliate marketing program. This is an MLM scheme.

  • Unfortunately pretty much everything you mentioned in this video is common of all MLM. My sister is part of two at the moment and just blatantly ignores the part in both contracts where it says she's not allowed to be part of another one. also most companies say that either if you do a video or photograph of their products that it belongs to the company because they say that their product image is copyrighted question legally but it's in the contract. or if they don't say that they often say that you cannot put images that are not approved by the company and in the company's own image bank with a watermark.

    Shady yes but m&M's are shady in general

  • “So sharp that it will cut a bitch” 😂

  • Our blogging experience is very similar. I totally agree with you. I'll be blogging for 7 years, this February, and I love it but I really find the new labels a bit diminishing.

  • I looked at the website and it's absolutely an MLM! They try to use different language to trick people into joining and thinking they aren't like a typical direct sales company. They charge EIGHTY dollars for a set of magnetic lashes and mascara!! I could get nice false lashes and mascara from Sephora for half that price and for so much less at a drugstore.

  • What might have happened with the other brand using your photo is that the one brand bought the rights to it, and they may both be owned by the same mother company, or the brand licensed the photo to the other brand. They probably wont want to be dragged in front of a court on copyright either, because that might lead to other lawsuits, as lawyers will smell blood in the water. (I know not all lawyers are blood sucking assholes, but, some are)

  • I like the Arbonne GTC videos.

  • Lol 6:18 BiZnESs oPOrTuNiTyYy 🧐 bitch, where?

  • When I was a BB coach (short term) in late 2015-early 2016, there was the rule of not being part of another MLM.

  • Oooh, it annoys me when these MLMs say they are affiliate programs. Not. Even. Close. I know you covered all the details, but just confirming that when you're an affiliate marketer, you don't have to pay to be an affiliate and you don't have a minimum monthly sales goal that you need to hit. (Although, some programs like Amazon Associates will require you to have a minimum amount of sales to stay active. But if you don't hit it, you can just sign up again as far as I know.)

    I've done both MLMs and affiliate marketing, and affiliate marketing is just a much better, less predatory way to earn an income online (in my opinion). 🙂

  • It’s incredibly common for most companies to include the amendment policy on any contract. I understand the point you’re trying to make – but this is standard operating procedure due to changing costs, technology, etc.

  • I haven’t finished the video yet but I wanted to say that the co-founder of Tori Belle has a channel here on YouTube. She said that the patent is pending but once it’s grated that no other company can ever sell magnetic lashes even if they’ve been around before Tori Belle! That’s just messed up! So basically any other magnetic lash on the market right now will have to remove that specific product from their line of products. I guess I didn’t know it worked that way🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Random, somewhat irrelevant note, but I feel the exact same way about Sephora!

  • I’m sorry but MAGNETS anywhere near or around your eyeballs just sounds like a really bad idea…!!

  • What in the world!! YouTube unsubbed me from you!!

  • Nice job. The moment I saw that pdf and my eyes glazed over with the different levels, I was all, "Run, it's an MLM."

  • Totally unrelated but when your hair starts fading/ growing out might I suggest doing purple roots💜💖; it'll be easier to upkeep & I think would look totally fab on you! Especially with that merlot lip you have on!

  • What’s your blog called? Xoxo

  • Monica another great video. I enjoy watching your work, thank you for sharing it.

  • My girl got 1k?!!! Proud

  • Also what is worse if they use your image in a way that does fit with your brand or your beliefs.

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