ALTCOINS VS BITCOIN: Other Cryptocurrencies That Could Be Complementary To Bitcoin | Max Keiser

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  • M3


  • Boy, was he wrong about altcoins.

  • He said monero now he is covering it up and not saying it. Liar

  • im a CS graduate degree holder and a software engineer. This guy has it wrong. Bitcoin was v1, to call ether an exit scam is ludicrous. Im not an ether fan like that mind you, theres certain improvements that I think can be made but in general its a revolution in distributed computing in a similar fashion to btc. But for him to ignore the rest of crypto as a scam, especially given the public and traceable nature of btc and non Layer 1 privacy is absurd. His "bitcoin will eventually implement privacy" is talking about a scheme lighting network seeks to implement of obfuscating who you sent it to. But you can't obfuscate the fact you made a payment, and its a trusted set up.

    All im trying to say is, his arguments are functionally equivalent to saying the first model car or first model gun is the most superior, on the basis of it has the most people using it and people arent adopting alternatives. Also what "applications" are being built on bitcoin? No one uses it as a database to store strings in a potentially left over tx field. Its not like the scripting language is strong enough to implement complex programs.

    I oppose bitcoin maximalism, and im a holder who bought 20 back when they were 200. Doing fine today, but even i recognize as someone technically competant that this is not the be all end all. The ability to perform distributed consensus and record keeping along with pooling computing power was the important ideas, not the number go up coin.

  • Yes except….. when the central banks abopt one of these alt-coins as their medium of exchange, in order to destroy bitcoin, aka ripple/xrp.

  • Extreme disinformation in this content this is a multi-millionaire who has built wealth from Bitcoin before Bitcoin increased in price, at this point it is well known that Bitcoin cannot scale for worldwide adoption, it is mathematically impossible, it is also centralized, the miners control Bitcoin,they are out to make money, Max will not tell you this because he bought Bitcoin very cheaply only multi-millionaires will get rich off of Bitcoin at this point but they are fooling you into buying Bitcoin so that they can continue to make millions off of your stupidity. Bitcoin does nothing, it is only a store of value, pure speculation, the lightning network does not work for a transaction over $10 anything more than $10 will charge the transaction $10 or more.Bitcoin is much expensive and very slow anything over $10 this is a fact xrp was created by Satoshi nakamoto because Bitcoin had so many problems this is what they are not telling you. Pure disinformation.

  • Lol max is loading up on xrp 100%
    Most are crap coins
    And some are great internet digital utilities. Dont be suckered into the crap. Research each crypto utility and ecosystem and it will explain where this soace is headed. Xrp ripple is getting major attention by the banks and imf like bank of america and nany morr last few months

  • Bitcoin maybe be digital gold but altcoins out there are doing things Bitcoin never dreamt of, like the tech companies of blockchain that will drive it. Cardano for example is building blockchain internet 3.0 in Africa for students enabling millions of users… Bitcoin seems to be purely a way for storing value.

  • Max is a joke !! Retire!!! Xrp 2 the moon!! Dead wrong , bitcoin is expensive trash store of value for a moment

  • lol opt out of the state he is an extremists. stubborn only btc has value we had gold rice salt now everything stops at btc because he bought at a $1… things change. big talker bragging about being a miser. he is part of the new establishment led by jack twitter think they gone be gate keepers of the future but we gone buy Solana. yeah btc is the mover but other things going on to

  • Cardano buy it !!! Secrets out

  • I heard him on Tim Pool's show today saying the same thing. I can see bitcoin being digital gold but I do t see it as a means of exchange yet. It needs to have lower transaction fees.

  • This doesn't and won't age well 😁

  • Get somebody else on that really knows about cryptos cause it sure doesn't know damn thing!

  • The key element here from Keiser if you pay attention is: you need to be individually sovereign & to achieved that decentralized state you have to understand that only the Bitcoin protocol will get you there.

  • MANA will be huge. lots of alt coins with use cases hes just 68 years old and thinks he knows everything

  • He can't even put his btc lapel pin on the right way.

  • I wouldn't class Ethereum as an altcoin – it's superior tech regardless of whether bitcoin is more valuable (at the moment anyway) – it's the first mover in smart contract so by this logic, everything else is doomed to fail

  • I think bitcoin is like a fire that has been lit and will burn up everything that can be burnt, but the new world will be built with ada.

  • It's amazing how somebody can be both very intelligent, yet so ignorant… Wake up Kaiser

  • Maxi Pad Keizer sure doesn't get the utility of crypto. You know the part that is actually valuable for the users. If it is not useful it will not retain value. We are still very early in this technology. This is the internet of things. Digitizing the world. This can make every sector of business more efficient and secure.

  • EJB

    4 years has past since the ICO boom and these tokens have 2 things in common. They accomplished very little and their circulating supplies are even higher. Dent for example Dumped 80 billion tokens all while having 5 million in Ethereum in its wallet since ICO and I’m sure a wallet of hundreds of Bitcoin now.

  • This is not going to age well for these maximalists

  • Try running defi on bitcoin

  • D J

    “Thereum will dispear”,right it just hit $2000 as of Feb 2021.Since the date of this interview it has 8X , and some altcoins has 10,000X , Imagine if you did what this guy is saying,you would’ve been a millionaire.

  • Get to know about avalanche man. It’s 3 rd generation blockchain

  • MAX does not know anything about altcoins, bitcoin transactions are to slow and expensive, altcoins came here to stay….

  • Lol this guy knows nothing… ethereum, cardano and polkadot will outperform bitcoin this decade….bitcoin is only a store value….

  • He’s capping buy htr right now

  • Bitcoin is the past Doge is the future 🤣🐶🐕

  • Keiser compares Bitcoin to Gold and looks at real value, and he's right to, but he ignores projects like Etherium because he's not looking at the prospects of blockchain in terms of their contribution to financial technology, smart contracts being just the start.

  • MAX DOESNT KNOW WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT— talks his own book and that is it!!!!

  • Max Keiser is WRONG— the guy sells a great narrative and that is ALL it is a narrative. DO not listen to this guy and do your own research. Bitcoin is a store of value that is it. The bock chain tech will change the world.

  • Bitcoin is not private and it is not decentralised. Monero is the only crypto with a future

  • Volume has already changed, Ethereum is catching up..

  • Funny reading the comments from half a year ago trashing this guy saying he's delusional.. right now he sounds like a genius

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