Affiliate Websites Examples and Review – Amazon Affiliate Marketing Course in Urdu (Lecture 2)

In this video, I will discuss multiple Affiliate websites examples and review them to conclude which affiliate marketing program is suitable for us. Also, discuss the content plan for different affiliate networks.

What are the mistakes to avoid in affiliate marketing?
What does an affiliate marketing business look like?
What are the affiliate marketing Networks which you can join to make money online?
Analysis of different affiliate websites examples that already ranking in google.
Why Amazon Affiliate Marketing?
Content Plan for different affiliate marketing programs.
What are the Authority sites and niche sites?

00:00 Introduction
00:19 Overview
02:05 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
07:35 What does an affiliate Marketing business look like
07:48 Affiliate Marketing Programs and Networks
13:42 Why Amazon Affiliate Marketing?
18:25 Amazon Affiliate Websites Examples & Review
34:31 Niche Site and Authority Sites


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