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What is Affiliate Takeoff ?
Affiliate Takeoff is about YouTube ads, and Clickbank.

You’ll learn how to promote Clickbank products with YouTube Ads, as with videos that are made from other people’s videos.

You don’t need to create these videos yourself, you don’t have to be on camera nothing.

Why YouTube ad?

It is because video is booming.

Right now it’s been booming for a while. But video is essential right now on this business in any business.

We consume video, like, ridiculous amount of hours a day.

Videos are very powerful, and convert very well with cold traffic, because well, people see a face and they emphasize a little bit more that is just a demo video.

You will learn how to make the YouTube ad, how to use other people’s videos, and how to create a simple opt in page to collect emails and build the asset.

Now you’re building a list, you’re building an asset, an audience of people.

That you can sell to every single day.

Then we’re going to sell a product and we’re going to make money.



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