Affiliate Marketing Scams | How To Avoid Scams

This video exposes affiliate marketing scams and how to avoid scams when it comes to affiliate marketing courses.

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In this video, I explain 5 affiliate marketing scams and how to void scams so you’re not wasting your hard earned money. Internet marketing scams are literally flooding the internet and unfortunately, lots of newbie affiliate marketers get taken advantage of because of their desire to make quick fast money online.

So is affiliate marketing a scam? Not in totality, but there are many affiliate marketing scams that you should look out for. Here’s some red flags when it comes to affiliate marketing scams.

– Huge Earnings Promises
– No Real Product or Service
– Paid Participation (You have to be careful here, I explain in the video)
– Company Track Record (Avoid fly by night opportunities)
– Real Customer Support

I explain these affiliate marketing scams in more detail in the video, so be sure to watch until the very end.
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  • I’ve been seeing affiliate marketing all over my TL but they never really explain it it’s always selling something

  • this is why I dont promote any digital marketing or "make money fast "kind of ebook or service that ppl can access easily for free and some dont have any value, written by so called online gurus, I know it has high commissions but it's not worth it,dont get scam but go around scamming ppl too

  • how to promote cpa offers in new method unlimited free traffic daily please make a full detail video🙏

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