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  • Online earning 👍 jisko knowledge nhi hai woh aise hi video banate hai 😂😂

  • Ria Swamy do you have any idea to help people earn money ?
    Why people subscribe your channel?
    Why you want like share and subscribers?
    Is that also scam ?

  • That Language has been they used in this video's , they look Chapri than professional. (Fuck word is used more than 2k )

  • Is he Gay ? No offence anyway.

  • Okay so there was this incident few years back during my college one of my friend approached me and said wear a white shirt and black jeans and ill take u to a seminar i said chal thik hai..and in that seminar they created such iconic scenes pata nai koi na koi random banda aa rha hai uske liye sab applaud kar rahe hai koi bmw se aa rha hai and all that and same thing they said that is affiliate marketing..basically showing their journey ek ted talk jaise baat karna and then batana how successful we are now..and i saw so many youngsters coming in white shirt black jeans and paying for this scheme..i was also so influenced wondering ha even ill become successful college time mai hi and luckily my mom made me understand not to fall for these stupid schemes..Fuck what an eye opener

  • 20 dayzz pehle aata ye video to 30000 bch jate mere dad k😓 we suffer this #riyaswami #shubhsnkar #muchlove #muchrespect #blessyou ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ye affiliate marketing paisa lootne wala kaam h bs….. Bro mere siblings ne isme 30000 rupees invest kiya ek hi time pe but mila kya kuch bhi nhi dude….. Believe sb scam h….. And thank you ria and shubhankar iss cheej ko logo tk pahuchane ke liye…. Kyuki agr m iss cheej ko 10 logo ko btau jo iss cheej se connected h…..wo manege hi nhi……you guys doing great job by spreading awareness

  • Affiliate marketing alg hai or jo ap bta rhe ho woh network marketing hai

  • Me bhi fasgaya hu isme was depressed 😢 thanks for making this video if 1 also person watches this video like me he or she will be save from that cheaters

  • Glad you addressed…..hope this video reach to maximum people.

  • Sahi se bajadi ap dono ne in sab chutiya mentors ki.. sale apne ap ko dancer's bolte h or ye sab kar rahe h dance ke naam par

  • Mujhe bhi 2-3 times mera dost seminar attend karne lagaya tha… Mene tabhi he bol diya tha chutya banane ka dhanda hai…. Par nahi enko to business man banna hai… Plus enka brain washing technique bhi baap hoti h…..
    I feel proud meh kabhi enka jale meh nahi ayya hush😌

  • Synonym of Influencers😌❤️

  • I studied about this , somehow i got trapped in this , i was not smart enough to get this , i thought the course would be good , but the course is nothing , those two khans just copy words from a 10th book , i dont feel bad for me but i feel bad for those who are financially weak , only 5% are making money , 95% are just trapped , i can even make money but jab se pata chala , dil nahi maanta ab kisi ko shit course k liye bolu , that course is pure shit , that person dont even know how to speak , he just crams , agar tum dono ne vo course dekhliya na , tum mahine k liye pagal hojaoge , sale dono khan croro kama rahe h , gareebo ka luutke please be more vocal about this , it needs to reach masses

  • Love you sir 🔥 mere jaise bohot log bach gye is scam se… Thanks to both of you

  • Really appreciated 💯 n it's true facts so far !

  • Sence hai bt Mai ap dono ki
    bhot shi

    Thenkee for your advice I can understand u both 🙏

  • Bhai 32 minute ek hi place pe Beth ke samjhaya hai tum dono logo ne prof ke saat ab koi agar ye video dekhne ke baad mi wo fucking kit kharide to usse bada koi full yo hi nahi sakta world me thanks for your advise mere area ke bi 12 14 saal ke baccho ne paise apni savings invest kr di ye fake infuluncer me bolne pe inko sharam naam ki chez hoti to ye wo logo ko kabi cheat nahi kr te jinked follow kr ne se inke ghar me 2 time ka food aata hai aur wapis dil se khank dhaiya bhajia dono ko pura shoot explain kr ne ke liye

  • This is so f**king true XD, I almost fell for this shit XD

  • carlos_1uptrades is the only legit and trusted Broker I know I'm currently earning as a beginner and also learning how to invest in real estate all thank𝙨 𝙩𝙤 𝙘𝙖𝙧𝙡𝙤𝙨_1𝙪𝙥𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙙𝙚 []𝙣 1𝙜…

  • ADI

    Loved the fact ki aap logo ne baat kari iss baare me💯
    Aur apko joh itne log follow karte hai unko bewakoof nahi banaya aapne, aapne unko aur unke through baaki logon ko bhi samjhaya🙏🏼
    What you've earned you both used it so wisely😌
    Dher sara pyaar aap dono ko❤️
    Saath bane raho✨

  • Affiliate ke naam par MLM chalaa rahe

  • Hats off for standing against what is wrong and a big Thank you for shedding light on this topic. #respect

  • You actually made it clear why this freaky affiliate marketing should be fuckin banned !!
    Kudos to you guys. It's always great to watch you guys no matter if it's hours 🙌

  • Affilate marketing ka knowledge nhi h 😅😅😅 😂😂😂😘

  • Guys learn anything before your invest in such frauds. India has huge educated or half educated people who openly sale such schemes. They only target people who have never heard about it or are from mid rural or rural area. And now th ey have successfully met such educated dancers who also sale with them.RIP TO THE NAMES THEY TOOK I FOLLOWED COZ OF THEIR TALENT. I also personally know these schemes sicne last 10 years. Such companies keep taking birth idk how. But YOU PERSONALLY DOING ANY INVESTMENT PLEASE RESEARCH A LOT.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
    Thank you hectik da and ria di for speaking up.🔥🔥🔥✊🏽✌🏽
    There is no substitute for hardwork. Shortcuts math mein nahi baney.
    Paise ke liye kya hi hera pheri mein pad rahe log😂😂😂

  • The most informative vlog ever……30 mins kaise guzre pata bhi nahi chala
    Glad that my dancer friend @shrump_11 showed me ur dance battle video and i was impressed and i followed hectik on insta and then on YouTube…..And as a person i got a new fashion sence through Riya Swami….my love for baggy clothes just got to another level after seeing new.hash
    Inshallah when i will have enough money…i will by new hashes every shirt……and inshallah u both will grow more and more

  • Bhai literally is video pe affiliate marketing ka add aya hai 😂😂

  • Kaale megha😂😂😂😂

  • Le simi : Kisko pata tha psychology lena bhe kuch saal baad bhaari padd jaayega 😂

  • Sooooooooo good! Soo appropriate! Soo simply explained!

  • Pehle 1 minute mai mai kabhi itna ganda jealous nhi hua hoga mai kabhi meri life mai

  • Thanx alot bro 😇 for sharing

  • Proud of you both for this. Much needed information 💕

  • Sir me mention nhi karunga but mujhe bhi offer Kiya Gaya tha is cheez k liy ki aysa aysa seen he to mere Ghar me thodi financial problems he to mene socha ki kru kya is cheez ko sochte sochte subhe se sham ho jata tha but mujhe utna hi paise dene me fat rahi thi sir or haa mujhe bhi yahi laga tha ki me.dhoke me aa Raha hu or me bhi future me Kisi ko dhoka dunga to to mene indirectly mana kardiya is cheez k liy now I'm happy after watching your video o fuck Mera to chutiya kat te kat te bacha 🙏 🙏 and I miss you sir your class session also … 🙏 Love you all 💖🌼

  • Sir kindly check your dm.. I shared some s.s like that.

  • Sir & mam 🙌🙌🙌
    Im agree with you…… Mere bht sare friends isme h but mene kbhi socha bhi nhi… 🤣🤣🤣
    Vese thanku so mch for the right information 😍😍

  • what about kotak mahindra life insurance?

  • See I didn't have this experience be it good or bad but when I started discussing this amongst my family I got to know that my father used to be doing this in his good old days with his friend but eventually his friend's family got death threats and he got thrashed badly so somehow my dad left that scheme effective immediately and also helped that guy come out if that. But after that he punched him hard 😂😂

  • Thank you so much to you guys ❤️ apun bach gya ree Baba 😝 faasne hi wali thi mai bhi warna

  • 8 yrs pahile me b Aise scam me fas gya tha around 12k Mene pay kiya tha family mana kiye pr lad Jhagad ke bhara tha
    And really that was my biggest mistake I will regret forever 😕

  • Affiliate is totally diff. Bt yeh log affiliate ke naam pe thokre hai😑😂

  • This is really relatable. My mother was a teacher in a private school and I am an accountant. A few days back these creeps shared this idea with my mother and she gave them a big lecture on what is investment and what is an expense. And today we watched this video together and she loved it that you guys are telling the truth to people. Because it's important to spread awareness. Thank you – Akhil from Jodhpur.

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