Affiliate Lab Review: Is Matt Diggity's Affiliate Marketing Course Worth it?

In this Affiliate Lab Review you will see the course from a real member’s perspective. I take you inside and reveal the sub courses & modules. See more at

The Affiliate Lab is a course by Matt Diggity. There are 30 modules with over 175 lessons. Training is done by video.
There are also other “mini courses” within the Affiliate Lab. These are:

1. Website Flipping
2. Beginners Lab
3. Checklists & SOP’s
4. The Truth About Penalties
5. Outreach Masterclass
6. Affiliate Email Marketing
7. The Affiliate Portfolio Playbook

The main course is where you will find most of the training.
If you want to:

👉 Build an Authority Site that makes passive income
👉 Rank on Google for free traffic
👉 Build a responsive email list
👉 Not have to spend money on ads

… then the Affiliate Lab is for you. Check out my full review for more details and how you can get $200 off.


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  • Thanks for putting this together. I’ve read and listened to your reviews. You seem to suggest that affiliate lab is better for more competitive sites while TASS suggests building smaller niche sites first? Would you suggest affiliate lab for more competitive niches over TASS? Splitting hair here. But would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

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