A few thoughts on stablecoins

Abra founder and CEO Bill Barhydt talks about the importance of stablecoins (he likens them to The Matrix) and explains how Abra uses a crypto-backed stablecoin model to make it easy to move between the various crypto assets available on the app.

For more info on stablecoins and how Abra is using the stablecoin concept to build a cryptocurrency investing platform, please check out our post on the Abra blog:



  • Stably "Your bridge to the decentralized economy."
    — > https://www.stably.io/ <—
    Connect your wealth to the blockchain economy with StableUSD (USDS)

  • Please check out STABLY.

    Stably's Stable USD is fully-reserved back USD stablecoin launching in 2018. Lower fees than TrueUSD, no dodgy fractional banking, fully compliant and transparent (unlike Tether) and simple (no risky financial engineering like Basis/Maker). http://www.stably.io

  • Don

    I agree with most of what you've said here, with a couple of important exceptions. Check out our project and you'll discover what I'm talking about. Monetran.com

  • Stably "Your bridge to the decentralized economy" StableUSD – Connecting wealth to the blockchain economy https://www.stably.io/ With Stably you can gain access to the decentralized economy without the volatility. StableUSD gives you the stability of US Dollars with the flexibility of the Ethereum and Stellar protocols.

    (Backed by USD) Every StableUSD token is fully backed and redeemable 1-to-1 for US dollars.

    (Multiple blockchains) Stably will be available on Ethereum and Stellar with support for other blockchains in the near future.

    (Verifiably Transparent) Real-time electronic bank data and third party audits allow you to verify that each StableUSD is backed by cash reserves.

    (No Fees) Stably charges zero fees for StableUSD issuance and redemption. However, third-party transit fees may still apply (e.g. bank wire fees, network transaction fees).

  • this is disappointing Bill , either you dont know much about tether or your in on it ……lets just create a trillion tether out of thin air and if we get audited we can just move money around using EOS or better yet our exchange until its over.

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