9 of the most challenging things about working remotely, according to people who do it

And the distractions get even worse if you’re not good at following a strict schedule.


In a non-remote work setting, there is likely structure in place, from set office hours to set break and lunch times. But when working remotely, these may not exist. Brett Downes, a specialist in search engine optimization and social media for DFY Links, said he can relate.”I struggle to sleep, and, as a result, not get up in the mornings,” he told Business Insider. “Not having to be in an office by a certain time allows my body to convince my mind to sleep in all the time.”Crowhurst, too, said a lack of routine can leave room for unnecessary distractions because of the lack of structure. “Not having an office routine can mean that it’s constantly snack o’clock and you need to resist the temptation to have multiple versions of lunch,” she said.Similarly, Baldwin said that one might think that, working remotely, you have a lot of freedom — and in some ways you do — but you can also easily get sidetracked.There are several reasons for this, she said, including friends and family knowing you’re home, so they’re more inclined to call you, wanting to sleep in, and good weather tempting her to go outside and ditch work.”With nobody managing your time but yourself, it’s easy to get distracted when these challenges appear in your life,” she said. She said she’s learned how to get focused by doing things such as sticking to a schedule, not taking personal calls during the middle of the day, setting an alarm clock, and getting up as if she were in an office, and scheduling and blocking her time on a calendar, from work tasks to meals to self-care.Related: I’ve worked from home for 9 years — and I’ve saved $30,500 on lunches, gas, business attire, and coffee

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