7 Best Part-Time Work-From-Home Jobs

Discover the best part-time remote jobs. Technology has made working from home a possibility for professionals across diverse industries. Companies like Dell and Aetna offer some employees the opportunity to work remotely, according to the employment website Glassdoor, while plenty of other workers are creating their own jobs in virtual marketplaces that allow them to have greater flexibility and pursue other passions, like travel. “The freelance and gig economy is constantly changing the way people work,” says Keith Ryu, CEO and co-founder of Fountain, a provider of hiring software. “It allows them to unlock underutilized hours and skill sets that won’t work in the standard 9-to-5 office.” With that in mind, here are the best part-time work-from-home jobs.Virtual assistantThink of a virtual assistant as a personal secretary who works remotely. These professionals may set appointments, answer emails, manage social media accounts and complete data entry tasks. “I was able to replace my income when I was on maternity leave,” says Abbey Ashley, a virtual assistant and CEO and founder of The Virtual Savvy, a training service that helps others break into the business. She says experienced U.S.-based virtual assistants often make between $20-$30 an hour, and the only equipment needed is a computer and reliable internet service. According to PayScale, the average pay for virtual assistants is $15.79 per hour.TranscriptionistFast typists may find part-time work-from-home opportunities as a transcriptionist. Companies like GoTranscript and Rev hire remote workers to listen to audio and video recordings and accurately transcribe the words into a written document. Some companies like Rev also hire workers to caption videos. No special equipment is needed for these jobs, other than a computer and internet connection. Workers are paid a fee that can range from 25 cents to 65 cents per audio minute, depending on the service provider.Customer service representativeAt-home customer support jobs can be ideal for those who want the flexibility to work at multiple times throughout the day or take on brief 30- to 45-minute shifts to fill pockets of free time, says Jeff Christofis, vice president and practice lead for KellyConnect, a program of staffing agency Kelly Services. The work involves assisting customers over the phone, in online chats or via email. KellyConnect provides workers with free equipment and training, and many jobs pay $14 to $20 per hour. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, customer service representatives received a mean hourly wage of $17.53 in 2018. Christofis stresses these positions require a quiet working environment free of distractions. “You can’t walk away randomly to attend to home duties,” he says.Online tutor or teacherBoth teaching and tutoring jobs can be found online. “Online tutoring is an attractive option for many people because it’s flexible and allows individuals to put their unique skills and knowledge to use,” says Chuck Cohn, founder and CEO of Varsity Tutors, an online tutoring service. Varsity Tutors features a live learning platform and allows for face-to-face tutoring sessions; other tutoring websites may use different forms of communication such as online chats. Some companies allow tutors to set their own rates, while others pay a flat fee. PayScale reports the average pay for tutors is $17.51 per hour. Those with more advanced education may be able to earn more through at-home jobs as adjunct professors for online degree programs.LawyerFor those with the right background and expertise, legal work is surprisingly well-suited for remote work. “You can negotiate anything over email,” explains Sara Eng, director of attorney engagement for InCloudCounsel, an online staffing service for attorneys. Lawyers who work from home often start in a firm to gain experience before transitioning to work through a service like InCloudCounsel or offer their services on a freelance basis. Not everyone may be comfortable taking this career path though, with Eng noting, “You have to be able to confidently make decisions.” Income potential can vary significantly, depending on a person’s expertise and type of work. However, the BLS reports that attorneys earned a mean hourly wage of $69.34 per hour in 2018.Story continuesWriter or editorFreelance writers and editors can use sites like Upwork and Fiverr to market their skills to businesses in need of web content, marketing materials, articles and other copy. Jobs may also be found through word of mouth. “Start reaching out to companies and inquiring about any freelance work you can do while you continue to build your portfolio,” suggests Gina Curtis, a trainer and career coach for Employment BOOST, a professional resume writing service. The job market is competitive, and pay varies widely. A 2019 pay survey of 1,400 freelance writers from the website Make a Living Writing found 30% earn less than $10 an hour, while 9% had incomes of $76-$100 per hour or more. The average hourly wage for freelance writers is $23.90, according to PayScale.Web developer or designerCreating and maintaining websites for clients is another job that can be done on a part-time basis from home. Some companies hire developers and designers who work remotely some or all of the time, while other professionals in the field prefer to work on a freelance basis. They may gain jobs through personal referrals or online marketplaces like Toptal, which connects technology professionals to clients. Developers on Toptal have hourly rates of $60-$95 or more, while designers may charge $70-$150 or more per hour. That’s significantly more than the mean hourly wage of $36.34 web developers earned in 2018, according to the BLS.Here are the top part-time work-from-home jobs:– Virtual assistant.– Transcriptionist.– Customer service representative.– Online tutor or teacher.– Lawyer.– Writer or editor.– Web developer or designer.More From US News & World Report

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