4 money-making ideas for short-term

Surveys are a part of the research conducted by big brands for making an effective and efficient marketing plan.&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspBCCL

New Delhi: Having multiple sources at a time seems a better plan as it increases financial independence. While working full time in conventional jobs, people often get tired to take up another challenging job which requires a time of over five hours. It seems pretty easy if a person is able to start a part-time job which neither needs a dedicated time of long hours nor it leads to exhaustion.

There are a bunch of ideas and prospective ideas through which the individuals, at the beginning of their careers, can make extra bucks without minimal effort. There are several part-time jobs and tasks which actually doesn’t require you to work for a full day. Such ideas can be continued for as long as an individual is willing to. Ideally, part-time jobs are meant for the shorter duration only as most of the opportunities are seasonal in nature.

Here are 4 money making ideas for short-term

Fill online paid surveys 

Filling online surveys can be a better opportunity to earn extra money as it requires a few minutes. A user should check in advance whether he or she is proceeding with a paid survey or a free survey before filling it. Why would anyone pay you for filling a survey? 

Surveys are a part of the research conducted by big brands for making an effective and efficient marketing plan. Research companies, nowadays, are more active on the internet to obtain customer’s psyche instead of going out with a pen and paper questionnaire.


Transcribing for an online news portal, marketing agency, or any other journalism organisation for part-time can be another alternative for making extra money. There are certain periods during which media companies, news platforms, and other such entities require a large number of people who can transcribe them for part-time. This requirement for part-time can be seasonal in nature which may arise around big events such as budget presentations, elections, international sporting events, covering other big pieces.

Start blog 

A person ambitious about writing about a particular cause, a subject or specific issue can think of starting a blog. Blog writing not only opens a new channel for earning but it also increases the avenues for personal branding. An individual with the subject knowledge can start his or her own blog. Starting a blog is also inexpensive as it may cost you a couple of hundreds of bucks to get your own domain and a rental content management system (CMS). 

Tutor online 

Providing online lectures through web portals is promising money making option for persons with detailed subject knowledge and a habit of developing others can make healthy bucks. In order to provide online lectures or tutorials, a person is required to have a working computer system with the facility of internet and a digital camera. There have been numerous queries put by students and learners from various parts of the world on a specific subject. Addressing selective problems and queries can earn you quick bucks.

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