Review and First Look of the F.Blumlein JU-2500 Steam Oven

A got this to test out and compare it to the new Anova Precision Oven as a lot of people think that stream is the only difference in these type of ovens. There are a few lower end counter top steam ovens like this on the market so I decided to try this one out. At $299 it is OK if you are looking for an entry level steam oven that fits on your countertop. Easy to use buttons offer some flexibility on the types of cooking you can do.

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4 thoughts on “Review and First Look of the F.Blumlein JU-2500 Steam Oven

  1. Really great review!! Thank you. I love the idea of a fairly affordable steam oven for home use, but this one seems to miss the mark a bit. It's like they're trying to market it to do many different things, but none of them very well. For instance, it would be great for baking, except no convection, and the proofing temp is too high (105F) and not adjustable. Might be a replacement for a microwave, but that rear steam exhaust, as you pointed out, means it can't go under a cabinet. That would hurt any cabinet, and destroy a particle board one in minutes I bet. And those trays that flop up and down, spilling water, seem like they belong on a $50 toaster oven, not a $300 unit.

    The steam only setting is a nice feature, though. That would be handy for things like fish or veggies…more convenient than setting up a steamer, but not worth all the space and cost for just that feature.

    The part that I don't care about at all is the lack of bluetooth or wifi or whatever. I really don't need my oven to talk to me…I have a remote reading bbq thermometer, that works fine for me.

  2. Thanks for the review. I really donโ€™t like the way the pan โ€œrailโ€ lets the pan almost dump the pan drippings! I wonder why the partial rails…

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