Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review (BEST AFFILIATE MARKETING COURSE 2020?!)

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Review (BEST AFFILIATE MARKETING COURSE 2020?!).
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I won’t lie to you about “UNBIASED” reviews, and the word “HONEST” has been pretty misused in this market as well. However, I’ll give you my word that this review of Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks (SAMH) is genuine and as transparent as I can make it without “revealing” Zach’s work.

I understand that most of the reviews are just out there to “pitch” the program, and I would lie if I said this review of Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks (SAMH) doesn’t follow the same line.
However, I wish that I came across Zach Crawford and SAMH when I started out looking for ways to make money online.

I also think that Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is the best training and information you’ll ever get if you are looking to build an online business – no matter if you’re interested in affiliate marketing or just want the fundamentals of marketing in general.

Many of the online gurus are good at delivering “perceived” value, rather than REAL value. I can tell you that Zach is someone over-delivering REAL value because he actually cares about his student’s success. In fact, he probably cares too much for his own best…

I’d love to answer any questions you might have regarding affiliate marketing or Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks (SAMH).

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About Johannes

Months ago, I searched “how to make money online” on youtube.
I started watching videos with titles like “Earn $300 by typing names online!”.

I wanted to make money fast and easy without much work.

After I had tried a bunch of methods from Youtube videos, I realized that none of the “make money online”-methods worked… ☹️

But at the same time I had an idea of that there must be SOMETHING I can do online to make an alright amount of money.

I started thinking that there might be some legit jobs I can apply for and some skills I can learn so I can start freelancing and get hired.

Obviously, this required more effort than all the methods I had been trying on Youtube, but I guess I got the epiphany that there are no shortcuts if you want to succeed in life.

One day, I found Affiliate Marketing. I learned that I could promote other people’s products or services and make money from it. 😲

I thought “That’s awesome! I don’t need to make my own product or service. The hard work is done for me… all I need to do is get a bunch of people and recommend the product $$$”.

To me, it sounded too good, and even though I already had the idea of “there must be SOMETHING I can do online to make money”, I was still skeptical…

So I started learning more about it and found a bunch of gurus, telling me to do this, telling me to do that.

They said they are making MILLIONS. Some of them drive Lamborghini’s and flash with their fancy lifestyle. 💎💰

Sure, I wanted the money they had, but I’ve never resonated with all the fancy stuff. I just have a desire for freedom, and if someone tells me what I need to do, I’ll do it.

Anyways, I thought that the gurus had some good stuff going on since they are claiming to be successful, so I started listening to what they were saying. I took a bunch of online courses worth thousands of dollars and I’m not exaggerating…

Then I realized… ⁉️… MOST OF THESE GUYS DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT ME… they just care about the fancy stuff going on in their life. They want to make their own life easier, not mine.

Everything up to this point has made my vision and mission clear:
I genuinely want to help people get the freedom they deserve, and nothing can stop me. Neither can anything stop you.


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