Your Questions + Site Reviews + Merch Giveaway! – LIVE TAKE 2

Iiiiiiinnnn this stream I’ll be answering your questions and reviewing your sites. There might also be a couple of random draws for some merch!

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3 thoughts on “Your Questions + Site Reviews + Merch Giveaway! – LIVE TAKE 2

  1. You gotta love live streaming. You never know how it will go😂
    I've got issues too before going live with Morten yesterday.

    We were late a few minutes. But people love the authenticity of these streams👍(I think lol)

  2. People have adblockers installed because they want to. I understand the argument that everything would be better for us if Adblockers didn't exist but what are we gonna do? Convince 25% of internet users to uninstall their Adblocker or convince Ezoic to check and fix the issue?

  3. This message is for the person who got laughed by the chat for the Pigeon Website. All I can say is Good Job 🙂 You are doing great. I saw that you got rid of the homepage ad and the site now looks better. Your traffic is estimate According to Ubersuggest 10k but I assume you are at 50 000 page views because all tools are underestimating 3-4 times . Keep growing the site and we will see later who will have the last laugh!

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