Akai MPC DRUMSYNTH Review, Pros and Cons // 2.9 update explored (Force got this Drum Synth too)

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32 thoughts on “Akai MPC DRUMSYNTH Review, Pros and Cons // 2.9 update explored (Force got this Drum Synth too)

  1. I was gonna get one of these but went for a 5000 instead. Call me oldskool but an MPC running a bunch of plugins with a touchscreen kinda misses the point of an MPC for me.

  2. hey Loopop, i know you usually work with hardware, but i have a request for a video. I trust you, and i know you try not to be biased when you do a review, which i appreciate.
    Here's my problem i'm a beginner in music and i was looking at 2 plugins for creating music, Scaler and Captain Chords, would you mind doing an honest comparison between the two? Or similar programs that actually can help you write stuff. Thx in advance.

  3. Is there a way to highlight drums 5-8 with the q-link button in the fx/sends screen? It only seems to want to highlight 1-4…. which is sorta lame. Please tell me I'm missing something obvious.

  4. A very important thing to fix in my opinion is the fact that in Track view mode you can only mute or solo the track that contains a drum synth plugin but you cannot change the volume. Since it’s very useful to mix volumes in track view I hope Akai will fix it! Yes you can change the volume in the synth program view but it’s annoying

  5. I've been trying it out, the sounds are brilliant and new drum fx are very good but its a bizarre implementation, why have ANOTHER mixer which is now not accessible with a button like before, you now have to touch the touch screen SEVEN times to get to the send fx from drum synth 1 in a multi, WHY? Then press it another SEVEN times to go back and then another SEVEN times to make a small change, and another SEVEN times to make further changes etc etc, it's utter madness why they have designed it like this! You can't access the new drum fx from the samples, WHY?, why is there another mixer??? we already had a mixer, why can drum synths sounds not be layered with samples? no choke groups…hmm lets hope they fix this because this could be a MEGA update without these bizarre choices, lastly you can't access any of the existing FX individually from a synth multi? wtf? you can only use the 3 new ones, this is a totally bad design choice..

  6. I should add when you say it would be good if the drum synth editor jumped automatically to the pad your hitting, I agree but it needs to be an option because it not switching is very useful when you want to match volumes across pads!

  7. one of the strongest drum machine/sequencers just took a shot of steroids. this is an incredible update. adds a whole new wing of options and most importantly: Fun!

  8. 10:25 Why does Akai never think of possible problems, before they release something new? The fact you can't fill those other 8 pads with samples is ridiculous. No choke groups, no copy, and no pad changing on the screen immediately. Why, why, why do they do that? This is why I am not a huge Akai fan. I love my MPC One, though… but they just constantly drop the ball by not thinking of all possible shortcomings, for all of us.

  9. This is a great addition to the MPC range. And it's a free plugin so that is great. I do wish they would make an SDK Available for the plugin platform so that others could build plugins for this range. I am sure there would be a lot of users out there that would love to build instruments for these.

  10. I found the lack of chokes quite limiting for the 808/909 style drum sounds – mainly the hihats. It's something I raised in Beta but no news of yet. I suspect there's someway of dealing with it using the automation but haven't had time to mess around and work out a solution yet.

  11. Nice but nothing's gonna beat the sheer knock and processing already available in ready made drum samples. Even some splice one-shot melodic sounds loaded into a sampler beats the socks off most VSTi synth presets.

  12. Having been using this for a few hours now, I can say I agree with you about how you select the drum sound you want to tweak. In multi mode, I'd prefer it if I could select the drum parameters by hitting the corresponding pad rather than the on screen tabs. The screen feels fiddly in it's current layout. It would make more sense (to me at least) to hit the pad and have the additional parameter pages displayed in the first four tabs meaning that the FX and mixer tabs would always be visible in the remaining two on screen tabs. Hope that makes sense.

  13. Great review. Seems handy for avoiding going on a sample hunt in the middle of a session even if you end up swapping it out later. I'm still hoping they'll open up the One to audio via MIDI.

  14. Basically Drum Synth 500 built in on my MPC now. Litty. I hope 3.0 has more plugins. With firm competition from Maschine, I have a good gut feeling about 3.0.

  15. This sounds ACE BUT these synths NEED to be called up inside a layer so you can layer them with samples or other drum synths, these synths would be so good to layer underneath samples…at the very least please Akai make it so we can use the simultaneous pad play feature!

  16. I still don't get why they would rush such releases without getting things right. No mute, no choke, quirks in the interface… Why Akai ? Why ? Just take another couple of weeks to implement these properly ! What's the rationale of releasing this unfinished work now?
    OK, I'm still happy they're adding this, but amazed at how stupidly too early they tend to release unfinished software. Same story when they released the MPC Live. That was just a whole frustrating mess designed by engineers who have no idea what producing music is all about.

  17. @loopop have you noticed any meaningful differences in the integration on Force compared to MPC? For example, choke groups, muting, pads refocusing the screen to their samples, etc.?

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