Beurax Trading Bot Review: 40 ETH Deposit & Withdraw (Proof)

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It’s been roughly 3 days since I got started with Beurax and many people were asking questions about withdrawing and if it in fact works. In this video I show you small and large withdraws that I’m making daily.


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Hope you enjoyed my Beurax review update and see that at this stage it is clearly not a scam. With that said I am not a financial advisor and realize there is risk with any investment that you decide to move forward with.


8 thoughts on “Beurax Trading Bot Review: 40 ETH Deposit & Withdraw (Proof)

  1. As with everything there is a risk/reward balance one must consider, more so while trading. This is a great tool to help guide someone in the right direction.

  2. Hi Josh. Beurax are ok but I find them a bit shady. I do have an account with them for play money. I highly recommend taking a look at the videos I have on Finalmente Global. It’s a legit business with proof of a honest CEO and they are going to be around a long time. As always…there are risks

  3. Hi Josh, I joined Beurax a few days ago and put in 8.6 ETH and bought a package, but as you know they are not allowed in the USA until they get approved by the SEC, so they returned my 8.6 ETH. So are you using a VPN with an IP in another country, our team members are doing that live in the USA.

  4. Josh, You always make great sence, and always show results, its not the trust your a great teacher, but all minds are not the same, thwy compute diffrently, like mine, Im smart and understand intill I start doing it then my brain gos on lock down and fuck.

  5. Josh elder please, I'm unable to connect with you on telegram, all it says was "you can't sent mutual message to this person"

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