I’m going to be giving away an affiliate marketing website in tonights stream.

I’ll be using to draw a name from the chat.

Also expect the usual chat, questions and site reviews.

Email me:
tweet: @wordpresseagle
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Or leave a comment before the stream starts.

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Music is Awaken by Anno Domini Beats

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  1. Hi Alex, have you used WooCommerce lottery plugin. I would like some help if your able to. I need to change the timer to say competition ends in ….. it currently says lottery ends in …. im pulling my hair out trying to figure it out

  2. Hey Alex, keep in mind when you Sort by Top Chat, it filters out some of the chat. You have to click on the Top Chat drop down and select the Live Chat or whatever it says.

  3. Do you guys have any difficulty indexing your woozone store? Google is indexing very slowly and also many times not indexing my woozone stores.

  4. Good Live stream Alex , first one I have watched live through out. I did Ask you a question but I think it got lost in the busy chatroom. Do you mind me asking will you ever be doing anything with Ebay? Also if you have time what is your opinion of the affiliate program. Thank you very much for all you do , you come over as completely honest which is rare on You Tube. Thank you again

  5. Alex… I love everything you post! You are honest and always state your opinion in an educated way! thank you (as always) for what you do. say hey to everyone I miss. I am working during your live stream now and try to attend. 🙁 take care! (I hope to find more time to work on my site soon!) I am sad I missed the giveaway as I couldn't register.

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