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11 thoughts on “Subscriber Amazon Affiliate Blog Breakdown – Site Review 7!

  1. Hi bud, I have a dilemma. When I started six months ago, I registered the .com and I launched on the My niche is large is both UK and USA. Thinking of changing to .com. What’s your opinion on doing this please pal?

  2. I watched the video again and had a few questions. What do you mean by SCOPE link juice? You talk about that at the beginning of the video on the home page.

    About the FAQ section, I use a plugin for it because those show up on google search. I thought my section in the search results will take up more room and draw eyes to it.

    I’m not following the Amazon API, those images are from the amazon listing that I put in GIMP, then add text or clean up the images. If this is again Amazon tos, should I remove these? I do this for just about every blog post.

    I’ll have to do some research about “do follow” and “no-follow” links. I’ve heard of them but don’t really know about it. Thank you again!

  3. Personally, with the way Google is going, along with Amazon beefing up their own product review content, the days of strictly Niche Affiliate Websites, especially Amazon Niche Websites, are numbered. I don't do any product reviews, yet I have a 15% avg CTR with Amazon. But, like you, I'm trying to diversify away from the Big A.

    Informational posts with either premium ads, peppered with a few affiliate links where relevant, is going to be the way to go forward. If you have a specific niche with decent targeted traffic, going directly to product manufacturers for either an affiliate deal or direct ad placement will be the future of Affiliate Marketing I believe. Especially with Amazon squeezing their affiliates more and more, some (especially niche) manufactures might even start feeling the pain as all that targeted traffic may begin to dry up. Just my two cents worth 😉

  4. I like GeneratePress. Fast, flexible, great support and the developer is quite active in the support forum, rarer and rarer these days. Renewals are only $30 a year, unlimited websites. Some good child themes although I wish they would expand their site library. Acobado, like Income School, is overpriced and overrated.

  5. Shaun, thank you so much for reviewing my site! I know I need to work on keyword research, I'm going to watch your videos about it right now!

    Majority of the articles keywords were found with the alphabet soup method in Google search. I really didn't even know about keyword difficulty or search volume, and just recently got a subscription to Ahrefs.

    I got my first article up in January. So, close to a year now and I have about 55 articles up on the site. I'm only getting about a 1,000 visitors a month.

    The guide for hiking backpacks was made for cluster content. I plan on creating more articles around the subject and point to it. I don't know if this is the right thing to do, I was reading about it from somewhere and it seemed interesting.

    I haven't built any backlinks yet, this will be something I'm going to work hard to do in the beginning of next year.

    Thanks for mentioning about the site looking good and the editing looking clean. I've gotten a lot better with this, the first few articles on the site looks so bad now in comparison lol.

    Those sentences in the middle that you liked are just something to break up the content, and direct eyes to an important point. Nothing from income school or anything, they never even mention it.

    Thank you again!

  6. Have an editor go through your articles. I see some poor English on subheadings like Not Bring Enough Water…supposed to be Not Bringing Enough Water. Not Be Considerate should be Not Being Considerate etc. Otherwise great site!

  7. Hi shun i have question… Im starting on new niche which isn't related to health niche but i need to implement some medical terms is this considered as ymyl niche ?

  8. Hi Shaun, I'm a biggest fan…my site is 6 months old shooting 600 pages per months with 34 articles (10 money terms, 16 comparison reviews and 8 info posts). Is it the right time to sign up with Amazon because I'm yet. Thank you. Again, I've got great freelance writers who can help you…ping me:

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