GDLC and MME: Team Mate with No Technical Skills gets Signups with Free Traffic

In this Video, I have a heart to heart and talk a little bit about what it’s been like, trying to promote an online opportunity during the pandemic of 2020.

The opportunities that my Team mate, with no technical skill has been promoting are:
GDLC and Make Money Even.

Join GDLC Here: Earn a $5 Bonus upon your Free Sign-up

Join MME Here: $10: Get your $10 back as a sign-up bonus making your membership, virtually free!

Don’t have an Auto-responder yet?
Get your 30 day Free Trial: Get Response

I’m tired. Everything that I want to say, is said in the video.

I’m not the most well spoken person, but when my heart feels stuff, it’s hard for me to speak what I really want to say. This is a really shitty time and I think that I can help. I’ll do what ever I can, to help you get through this thing. (outside of donating money…I’m not a charity).

In the mean time, I hope that you and yours are staying safe! Get out there and do some exercise! Mountain biking is my thing and there’s nothing like an extreme sport to take your mind off of things.

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