Should You Start Affiliate Marketing? (BRUTAL HONESTY!)

My #1 Recommendation To Make A Full-Time Income Online

Should You Start Affiliate Marketing? (BRUTAL HONESTY!)


So I reveal in this video the number 1 key you need to make sure you are successful with affiliate marketing in 2019. Learn how to do affiliate marketing and make money online honestly and legitimately.

Let me know what you thought in the comments! Get Paid!

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23 thoughts on “Should You Start Affiliate Marketing? (BRUTAL HONESTY!)

  1. Hi Benjie, its very frustrating surfing on these various affiliate programs, reading n testing few of them. It seems that those fellows in Youtube would only like to increase the numbers of minutes of being viewed as well as subscribed. They really never tell you everything, meaning, there are important loopholes that they will fail to reveal. Most of them sucks. I've been looking for some honest affiliate marketing for 2 or 3 years now and it seems there is really not one that is honest n truthfully working. Only those YouTube content maker gained in the process. Most of them make examples not of their own very successful earnings but uses other YouTubers example!

  2. Tanks ben ur videos are great,mentor & inspire me so that I pursue my greatest dreams..I definitely want to start ur mentorship will perhaps be an effective tool..

  3. Your friend Dave wast my time by taking about his luxury car with heated steering wheel and massage seats and the house he bout for his dad and his vacation in Amsterdam. I thought you were truthful man but after you promote Dave, I will unsubscribe.

  4. This video is so accurate! So many people come in the industry with the wrong mindset and give up because they're excited to make $$, but don't have the patience to learn the necessary skills in order to do so. Love your content!

  5. Since you asked, i think that you have a serious issue with details. This is the 2nd video I have watched of yours. In this you say it took a little bit of time. Meanwhile, your title ' (brutal honesty)?
    How much did you invest to start?
    How much time vs. how long it took to see an return on your investment?
    Years, Months, Days, hours, etc?
    Which full time job are you comparing this too(min. wage, intermediate, skilled)?.
    How fast is it growing for you by the month(5%, 10%, 15%, etc.)?

  6. Hi Chris, I recently became a Amazon affiliate. Do you have any videos talking about how to get more clicks and profit, if not could you make a video?
    Cheers, Jacob

  7. I don’t mind failure. But I also don’t like failing so much with no success. Now I know that’s what an entrepreneur is. But why should I have to repeat the failure cycle when they could show me step by step what they did so I can skip the process? That’s how I see it and I may be a grade 2 entrepreneur (grade 1 being those that dont know what their doing and make it anyways) but I wanna be able to help people normal people who don’t have absolute animalistic behavior of persistence

  8. Hello Benji ,personnally I want to make money asap .
    I dont expect to get rich fast .
    I just want a new income and learn and grow my business online.

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