How to Write a Product Review – Affiliate Content Creation

In this video we learn how to write a product review using a combination of product related keywords and research from the merchant website, other affiliate marketer reviews, and niche forums / niche blogs.

You will learn a bit about character marketing and report based review writing. Next week we’ll setup our website / blog and get going with publishing our content and getting it ranked in Google.




12 thoughts on “How to Write a Product Review – Affiliate Content Creation

  1. It's not really what I was expecting… I would need the main body layout and the information that must be included in a product review, from details, pros and cons, product comparison with other competitors, key phrases and words, like connectors… Is there such a thing like this anywhere?

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  3. Just want to comment that your clarity of voice and pace of the discussion are excellent and easily understood — unlike many other similar videos. Thanks.

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