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In this video I go step-by-step on how you can make money on Youtube with affiliate marketing using Clickbank. Without showing your face!

This video is a true value bomb! Could you imagine that there is a way to create videos for youtube that:

– takes 5 minute to create a video from start to finish;
– doesn’t need you to write script;
– doesn’t require you to show your face in the video;
– doesn’t require you to shoot a video at all.

Could you imagine that?

Well, there is such way and I reveal this trick in the video.

On top of that I show you the exact way how you can monetize this strategy and start making money with no hustle with affiliate marketing by promoting Clickbank products.

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  1. What I knew nowadays that Youtube policies especially for monetization (I mean Adsense) will not allow anybody to get profits from his youtube videos that contain like these reading scripts unless only using your own voice to read the scripts. Is it true?

  2. Hi – question about the effectiveness of content samurai. If you do not want your face on-screen as part of your YT channel or blog but you follow the video/blog structures recommended in Savage Aff. Is content samurai still effective with voice and scripts for affiliate marketing? Or in your opinion- to be most effective with affiliate marketing you should be on camera as well? Thanks!

  3. Great video and content Bro… you were very honest throughout and very transparent…. You deserve many subscribers and viewers…. God bless you

  4. do i need to have same email account used in you tube and click bank? coz my clickbank I used my yahoo account and my youtube is gmail..

  5. Thank you for this information. I have created my first video and I am gonna publish it now. The niche I am creating a channel is on general health awareness. Do you think this is OK?

  6. awesome video, how much are you making on average from clickbank if u dont mind me asking? i play to start this affiliate aswell but in another niche!

  7. Thanks for this awesome video. I would like to create videos in the weight loss Niche because I think it will be easier for me to start with. Question. I did not understand in the video how to create the lists and how to create my own thumbnails relating to my video and how to add disclaimers and so on. Can you make a step by step video on this. I am newbie and would really love to start making videos on you tube . Thank you. Also can I use my phone to create this videos or will I need a lap top?

  8. Hi, at 5:19 of your video, i saw videos option from the quick link section of the red tea detox, when I go thru that page , I cannot see it anymore..why is this so? thanks for the tutorial it helps me.

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