36 thoughts on “Amazon Associates/Affiliate Program Review (Earning Proof,Signup,Add Links) Guides

  1. I just cannot sign up..have problems with call verification. Have tried so many times and they always write me they can't call me.. Please help me!

  2. Hello, can you please let me know where I can find testimonials in the back office? I've heard there is a page that Amazon Associates can see testimonials. Please advise. Thank you so much!

  3. website won't help you much instead use social media marketing and post your affiliate ad links as much as possible
    but if you

  4. In short first you have to earn 1000Rs. to get paid by any method 2. second for neft/bank transfer you have to verify your details and pan etc with amazon there is no method to see live orders or your affiliate orders you have to rely on their report which you get after i month of your affilate customer get his package

  5. hy i have made a sale on amazon affiliate some days ago. n my frnd has got his mobile on 17-oct but i have not got any commission till yet.. can u help me out plz?

  6. Hello
    I am living in Europe and i have made a affiliate Site for India !!
    But The Problem Is i cant Fill in My Credit Card !!
    Pls Need Your help

  7. hi there i would like to know how to copy the link and paste it to my website page as I have amazon account everthing done but unable to proceed

  8. i have made a website for amazon affiliate program, yesterday my account is blocked and i am unable to get that why it is so. can you plz visit and look for the reason.

  9. what if i generate a affiliate link for a product and i self buy that product through mine affiliate link…will it provide me commission..??

  10. Hi
    Thank you for this information….I just wanted to know, is it compulsory to have a website to become an Amazon Associate

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