Affiliate Marketing Tips | Creating Review Videos And Giving Away Bonuses

BLOG: Affiliate Marketing Tips | Creating Review Videos And Giving Away Bonuses
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In this video I will show you how I run the video review and bonus side of my affiliate marketing business. This can be very profitable and fun.

Affiliate marketing is a great way of making money online and back in 2010 I concentrated a lot of effort into Affiliate marketing. I pretty much use free traffic most of the time.

YouTube is a really cool way of getting eyeballs on your affiliate offers as people love to see a review of the product before they buy it.

Sometimes, you have to be fairly quick as many of the offers you see (especially on Warrior Plus) some times only have a shelf life of a few days before they either have a massive price hike or disappear altogether.

I try to stick with product creators who tend to give the affiliates a fair run at promoting the product as it is very frustrating creating a couple of review videos for a new product only to find that the vendor has pulled it, a week later.

In general, no matter what your business is, whether you are doing network marketing, affiliate marketing, or any other kind of marketing, making affiliate sales can provide some useful early income.

Some affiliate marketers are pulling in hundreds, even thousands of dollars each and every week. It really depends on the effort you put in and how big your goals are.

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