Super Simple Copy and Paste $4000/month Affiliate Marketing Business! [From Franklin Hatchett]

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For most of you starting out online, your seeking something fairly simple and straight forward to start out.

Well I recently came across a simple copy and paste system designed by Franklin Hatchett that you can use to build your own email list while also promoting a popular affiliate program – Clickfunnels.

I walk you guy’s through a process of how much time and effort it takes to build out your own funnel vs. using this simple affiliate marketing system.

I spent literally YEARS, creating my own product, writing emails, learning about copywriting, Facebook advertising, sales funnels, email marketing, survey’s and all kinds of other stuff needed to do this on my own.

This simple setup allows you to basically duplicate Frank’s 4 part video series, swap in your own Clickfunnels affiliate links and make sales by simply driving traffic.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by trying to do everything on your own, so why not promote a proven popular product using a killer bonus offer that someone else made for you?

It’s a total no brainer!

If you decide to sign up for a 14 day free trial with clickfunnels under me, I will throw in an additional Active Campaign automation you can start using right away.

Within an hour you can have a fully built sales funnel ready to promote as your own affiliate marketing business. All you need to do is focus on traffic and that’s it!

Here’s my Clickfunnels trial link:

Just email me: for your bonuses and this same system!

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11 thoughts on “Super Simple Copy and Paste $4000/month Affiliate Marketing Business! [From Franklin Hatchett]

  1. hello mate! thanks for great content!! i have some question if u know u can answer. 1) to promote clickfunnels cant i do it only with website? 2) if i subscribe to clickfunnels and make lets say franklins funnels then i need website in order for this to work? where this page exists? i mean in my site people go to an article and they click . in an optin page that exists in my clickfunnel account how people can find it .should i post it somewhere? i post the optin page url? how paid ads will find my optin page? sorry for the silly questions , just started…

  2. Wait. When you said making 4000 dollars per month, you meant net income or just gross income. There is a big difference. If you make $4000 a month, but your monthly cost around that biz is about $2000, the you literally could just make a 2000 dollars a month in total. So, I want to know when you made $2000 a month. Is that your profit or just your monthly gross income on that biz????!

  3. So many ppl hawking FHatchet’s click funnel upline… Good on you for the transparency about the core monetization and what appears to be your valuable bonuses. Well done and good luck.

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